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  • Once again Chuck I just LIT UP when I read THAT!!!!! Way to go friend :>
  • Thank you all for your kind words of congratulations.....I'll keep you posted.....
  • Mr. Dunn - thanks I will do that.
  • Chuck - congratulations! She's a lucky publisher - you're one heck of a narrator! And Congrats to Mr. Dunn as well!
  • Darla - After you send your audition, go into your account, then click on "jobs", then on answered", then "my Audition." At the top there is a question: Was the audition reviewed?" It will either say "Yes, You have been reviewed" or "No, not yet reviewed".
  • Way to go Chucky Baby!!
  • Congrats Chuck and Thomas!
  • Congrats to Mr. Burke and Mr. Dunn! :-) It just goes to show you that opportunity could be right around the corner or even right under your nose :-)

    VO Edit by Design
  • Ok...a couple of pieces of cool. Kevin Harrington ( Local producer ) just left...had a nice hour recording....( I was just the editor....he brought in a female talent)....I'm thinking I'd make a pretty good director........and now.......LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!! ( insert drum roll here...)

    I just got my first audio book!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is THAT!!! It is titled. Humans and the Natural Environment.......the contract and manuscript are IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!

    And a HUGE MAHALO ( Big Thank) to Vanessa Hart for her help in getting me the gig!!!!! .....

    Chuck....walking on air...
  • Dear W. Thomas,
    I am also on Voices.com. How do you know if/when your audition has been opened? Do they send you a notification of some sort?
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