A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Timothy - you are a music man. Love those songs!
  • It is true. When they call it MMOG (Massive Multi-player Online Game) they dont don't call it that for nothing LOL These things spread all over the world. I am just glad that event though I enjoy the one I play, I don't get all wrapped up in it like others do. If you allow yourself to do that, it's easy to get depressed and I can't afford that. I have too much to be positive about!
  • Very nice Tim. As a not-so-regular player of an MMOG I totally come across folks like that all the time.
  • My daughter had an awesome swim practice tonight. Glad I didn't have to do any voice over auditions.
  • Just to let everyone know, I am running(not literally) at 95% and it feels so good. I will totally be ready to go to San Diego with James and Penny. I am trying to just stay calm(easier said than done) I will be there for a week and I am sure I will have memories to last a life time...hhhmm maybe I better write them down since I am still have short term memory loss LOL now what was I saying oh yeah San Diego here I come!


    Christine Ivy
  • I'm STILL not getting email notifications of responses on VU.....from ANY group.

    I've tried contacting Zurek...no response. Anyone know where to go for tech support here?

    If you do....please email me at burkec005 AT hawaii DOT rr DOT com
  • I've been following all of your supportive comments, and it's good to see that kind of support here. I'm struggling through this too, and although I've done this for years, it's never easy.
  • A tiny bit of good news from IRS...I'm getting a refund of fines and penalties from 2005..not much but it all adds up. "This could be the start of something big...."!!!!!
  • Penny..Thanks for contacting me. So many talented, yet very kind folks in this VO industry. I'm humbled to be around all of you. Best wishes from Akron....Tim Davisson
  • Beautiful day for voice over work, my team won (Rooollll Tide Roollll), and my little hummingbirds buddies (my "Little Air Force") are working me to death. I'm guessing that I have about 40 +/-.
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