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  • I have a day off ashore, which I am spending resting. I shaved my head to raise some money for the children's burn fund with a bunch of other guys from the ship. I look like a pink bowling ball.
    BTW I loved that train film -- I would like to be the laughing guy getting on the train.
  • Fantastic energy ! I loved this- thank you once again Penny !
  • Oh, thats it! Now i see, i wouldn't have guessed!
  • He's an angel.....he moves through the trains and anywhere else there is.....just getting people to laugh. The first time I saw this I didn't notice him get on another train and start it all over again.

    I think I'm going to move to NY and start doing that on the subways and see what happens.
  • Ditto Jennifer! Soooo true....as a side note...this made me think of when I was living in Montreal and traveling in and out of the city to University on a train with my friend Cathy. One early Monday morning, when most people were buried in their newspapers on their way into work, Cathy and I started chatting about something funny that happened on the weekend and began to laugh uncontrollably...we were young and probably annoyed a few people....however, quite a number of the passengers joined in the laughter...they said they couldn't help themselves..it was "contagious"! And a couple of men came over to us before they got off at their stop to thank us for starting their day in such a sunny way!
    Some memories get buried for a while and it just takes a video like this one to remind us of them....
    Thanks so much Penny for sharing this one! You've helped make it an even sunnier one! :)
  • He changes train and goes off into the unknown black hole, laughing and leaves everybody laughing behind him. No matter where we are headed it is much easier to cope with a smile and it helps to get everyone else involved because we are all going into that black hole together!!!. Might as well be laughing!!!and leave people thinking of you with a smile on their faces. I ramble on......
  • Chuck, don't keep us in suspense. What happened? All I saw was that he moved to the next train.
  • Yea really what other thing happened? I thought so to but, can't put my hand on it. Say it already...lol!
  • Not sure - what did she see? The one thing I noticed is that he moved to the next train and started laughing again. - which I LOVED. Was there something else?
  • Penny,
    There is a VERY subtle thing that happens at the end of that video that my wife figured out. Do you know what it is?
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