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  • This is on a more serious note than our cute little singing mouse - but it's really important that you watch it. It is the most moving - albeit wordless - video I have ever seen.

    Please take a 90 seconds to watch and then please, my friends, protect yourselves always.

    Click here


  • Penny, that was a cute little mouse. I want him to come live with me! Thanks for the joy.
  • Penny, that was absolutely hilarious. Good thing my stitches is healed or I might have busted a few. Oh my celebration is my energy level is gone from 2.5 hours to almost 4 . Needless to say that is fabulous.

  • Haha! Even though it was meant for the morning, it was a much needed pick-me-up to get through the rest of the afternoon! Thanks Penny :-)
  • Ha! Found it! Try this link for your morning java and a little song!


  • Dear Penny,
    Thanks for sending the PTU pin! Got it last week.
  • Ah, nuts! And I already deleted the link! Oh well, just take my word for it that it was pretty cute. If I can find the link again, I'll share it. Curious how it worked the first time..... hmmmmm. You gotta love computers!


  • Penny, I'm not sure about others, but the "Click here for a cup of java" in your posting didn't work for me. I've got my java, but I want to hear the song. ;-)
  • Click here for a cup of java and a little song to start your day. Okay, I know it's cutesy - but it kinda made me smile! I always did like Three Dog Night.


  • Hi guys, it has been a while! I was wondering if I could ask a favor? I am in need of unusual scripts I can have permission to use professionally-with a little rearranging. I am working a local demo for here in St. Louis. The producer wants me to use generic scripting, so whatever you give me I will have to change around. I have 6 -:10 sec. spots. I have my narration but I need some range. I wanna keep this marketable for other places and above all fun! My voice is very sweetsy, and is in the upper range...which means I can easily go into Minnie Mouse if I don't keep it together. I want some fun upbeat, like I said unusual even charactery, humrous scripts to choose from. You can send them to me here at my VO Page or heather@quillsongs.com. I sure would appreciate it! I did a few scripts from VOICE conference and the producer kept sayin..."Where did you come up with those scripts there great!" ...yeah, it's pretty dry here!
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