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  • Hello Jack, i think your site is nice and clean. It's straight to the point. One thing i'll suggest you remove though is " (no "Production Music Tracks" as yet but I'm working on it)", you can always refer your clients to a friend that does or another professional you have an agreement with in case. The comment is truthful but could elicit the wrong response from clients. Hope this helps? Cheers!
  • Hi Folks,

    While I generally don't mention workshops in this group, I wanted you all to be aware of something really special going on in San Diego next month. The amazing Pat Fraley has agreed to do his Masters of Audio Book Workshop here! And he's bringing Scott Brick with him! This workshop is an intensive 2 days and includes a produced audio book demo! And - as if you need more incentive - Pat's partner, the lovely Denise Chamberlain, cooks up some really scrumptious food for you!Everything is included in one pretty darn reasonable price! If you'd like to learn more, please click HERE.

    Thanks, kids!

  • Well, I've overhauled my web site today. Would everyone go take a look and let me know what you think. www.jackinthebooth.com
  • Good topic Penny! This has been on my mind this week.

    Did anyone catch Tony Robbins 'Breakthrough' on NBC this past Monday? Tony took a parapalegic, who felt trapped in his wheel-chair, and had him tandem-jump out of a helicopter. He said it was the most free he had felt since becoming paralized, and it helped him get the courage to do other things that he was afraid he would never be able to do again. It was one of those lump-in-the-throat shows. If you can find it on NBC.com or Hulu, I reccommend it. A very positive hour of programming.

    I fear improv. I'm a writer and I write humorous copy. But writing in my studio affords me the opportunity to think about something, get it right, revise it, and make it even better. Improv is fast-paced and whatever comes out of your mouth, there's no taking it back and no time to polish it. That terrifies me. As does being thrown in the ring with improv experts. But I have no doubt that an improv class is in my future.

    Fears I have conquered: fear of swimming (I almost drowned when I was a small child). Now my favorite summer activity is jet-skiing, which I've done on the river and in the Ocean. Yes, I wear a life vest. I've also gone para-sailing, which isn't nearly as scary as it looks. Such a peaceful feeling up in the sky! That lead me to zip-lining, which... I may not do again. A guy's gotta' know his limits. But I'm glad I have the bragging rights to say I've done it!

    Tony Robbins said that you can tell people how to conquer their fear, but sometimes it's faster just to put yourself in that situation and live through it. Then your mind has a new, positive reference for whatever it was you feared. It can't tell you 'no' anymore.
  • Great post, Penny. I've been around the PTU group for a while and don't remember your posting this - it's certainly is food for thought.

    A few thoughts come to mind when I read this.

    First: Fear is debilitating. It will keep us from doing things we know we can do, simply because we haven't done it "HERE" before. (Not even auditioning because it's a "big-name" client.)

    Second: Education and training can reduce or eliminate fear. For me, surfing would be completely foolhardy. I'm a poor swimmer and I have no desire to "master the waves". But if I did have the desire to do it, I would be sure to get the best training possible and take steps to become skilled - and I would practice, practice, practice.

    Third: There is tremendous satisfaction that comes from conquering fear. To look your fear in the "face" and say, "Give me your best shot!" knowing that you once feared the situation is very empowering and will launch you to tackle future conquests with more vigor. Success breeds more success. Think of your "dare devil" friends. Always going to conquer another "crazy" activity. They find a thrill in facing the unknown because of their past victories.

    Fourth: Look at true heros. They are usually ordinary people who simply kept trying and didn't quit when the going got tough. If you ask them, the "tough-going", often time, is the little voice inside that says "it's too hard" or "you're not going to make it."

    Thanks, Penny. You've been such an encouragement to so many.

    (I've posted this once before but felt it warranted repeating for the new folks!)


    Recently my husband and I were sitting in a very nice restaurant right on the beach in Del Mar, California enjoying a leisurely lunch. It was a gloriously beautiful summer day and our table was on the outside deck with a completely unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean.

    As we sat there, just enjoying the awesome beauty of the day, I couldn’t help but notice the surfers who were all lined up in the water, waiting to catch the perfect wave. Now, I have a pretty hefty fear of being in the ocean (probably fueled by seeing Jaws all those years ago) and I had the thought, “How do they do that? How do they get past the obvious dangers like sharks, drowning, or injury, enough to completely enjoy surfing?”

    And then it hit me. They’ve made a conscious choice NOT to be afraid.

    It’s the same choice I make every day when I get in my car and head for the freeway on my way to the studio or other fun activity.

    It’s the same choice I make when I get on an airplane to visit my grandchildren.

    And it’s the same choice I make every time I go into my recording booth.

    Now, granted, I don’t know of anyone who has literally DIED in a recording booth (although sometimes we might wish we could disappear…) but there certainly times when it can be an intimidating place.

    But whether it’s driving a car, getting on an airplane, sky diving, or surfing, it’s still the same process. And when I go into the booth to record and I’m working with an unfamiliar producer or director or perhaps I’m auditioning for a part I really want, it’s the same process because there will definitely be a certain level of fear involved.

    And so, like many of you, I simply make the choice to "suspend the belief" I have fear of the situation and proceed forward with the confidence I need - because what I am doing is worth it to me.

    Remember, “It doesn’t matter how deep the water is – as long as you’re floating!”

    Don't let fear keep you out of the pool!


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  • Andy I had seen that clip before and it still inspires me.!!
  • thanks Andy. A very inspiring way to start the day.
  • "LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS" - I saw this video yesterday evening and bookmarked it... first thing I watched when I got in today. Great start to the day... also check out Nicholas Vujicic's website: http://attitudeisaltitude.com/

    Thanks to David Brower of Poppasvoice.com for sharing this.
  • Not a problem Darla. I will look for it and take a listen tomorrow morning. For now I am off to run a few errands and spend a little time with one of my nephews :-) Have a great day!

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