A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Rob-Positive Vibes wafting your way .You're prepared and psyched so now Enjoy yourself .PTU is behind you cheering you on!
  • Got back home to Istanbul last night (wonderful to see the family again) and finally managed to get to bed at midnight. The phone rang to ask if I'd checked my email... what terrific validation to have a job waiting on my return - even if I did have to do it immediately while my brain was in the wrong timezone! Who needs sleep?
    Although I wasn't able to blog during the conference, please keep an eye on http://andyboyns.com/vo/blog where I'll be shortly publishing a regular series of podcasts from the interviews I made during VOICE2010, as well as the "Lobby - Director's cut" & some other fun stuff. Hey visit now and listen to the Ambassador of Positivity, our very own Penny. http://andyboyns.com/vo/2010/04/podcast-penny-abshire.html
  • Go and take it Rob, the part's waiting for you!
  • Rob, we all are sending positive thoughts your way. Best of luck to you on your audition this weekend!
  • Here is a quote I have in my office/studio for you Rob and all my PTU friends. "climb high, climb far. Your goal the sky, your aim the star. The picture it is on has a pair of eagles with moutains in the background. Have a great day! Blessings:)
  • Good Luck, Rob
  • Be yourself.
  • I have NO doubt you will WOW them! Believe in yourself and you'll never go wrong!
    Positive thoughts coming your way!
  • Rob, Rob - He's our man. If he can't do it, no one can!
    Go for it, Rob! We're cheering for you.
  • Hey Rob,
    "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality."-John Lennon

    May the well wishes of this group support and surround you with all the power of positive thoughts with your upcoming audition. I'll be thinking of you!
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