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  • Get well Christine, we're all with you!
  • You're in my thoughts and prayers Christine. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. God Bless and Happy 4th!!

  • Dear Christine, I am praying for you.
  • Hang in there, Christine! Take your time to rest for an easier and more speedy recovery. Listen to your Doctors and Nurses, and know you're being thought of.
  • Okee Dokee, Positive Thinkers! You are being called into action.

    Our beautiful Christine Ivy is in the hospital recovering from what was supposed to be some minor surgery. It has turned out to be a bit more complicated. She will be there for a few days more.

    Please send ALL the positive thoughts and prayers you can to her today for a very rapid recovery.

    Christine is such a lovely lady and she believes in our combined power. She called me from her hospital bed this morning to ask me to let you know she needs our help. Even on Morphine, this gal knew who she wanted to ask for help.

    Let's get going!! She will be able to see your posts later today.


  • Hey you guys - I know you love talking with each other on a variety of subjects, but if there is going to be a long discussion on anything "technical" go ahead and start a separate discussion.

    It's really easy to do and then we can keep the main page only for positive thinking stuff - k?


    This domain may be for sale!
  • Chuck, Woody & Ken - I tried all of your suggestions last night. Nothing worked so I went to bed. I will try those ideas again later today. Meanwhile, I have a trouble ticket into Sony's support line. They said that I should adjust the sample rate until my voice sounds "right". My question to them is "why did the original setting of around 44K work fine and now suddenly it doesn't?"
  • Darla, rebooting is always a good start. When I'm doing long recordings, I sometimes have to reboot every few files or the system starts to act up. It was worse when I was using a 2.4 ghz business class machine, but still happens to some extent with a dual core processor. I've always recommended rebooting at least once a day with Windows under normal use, more often if you're pushing it.
  • One thing also you may want to check Darla. I use Sound Forge myself. On the lower left corner of your open screen there is a slider. Click and hold the slide and move it slightly to the left and you will notice the recording will slow down the delivery. When the pitch is normal for you let go of the slider and it should be back to normal. Try Chuck's idea first though it might just what it needs.
  • Hey Darla...you pc isn't haunted....that has happened to me with Audition also.....sometimes, at least with me, when you have too many programs open, the memory gets corrupt and causes odd things to happen. Even if you CLOSE all those programs, a tiny bit of it will stay in memory. The only way to clear the memory completely is to reboot the system and only load sound forge...... that might do the trick. In the meanwhile, use it for animation :) ( insert gregarious laugh here)
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