A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Thank you sooooo much, Penny - you, too, Darla. That's the advice I was looking for. I will make sure I have these two products. And I will borrow your mantra, Penny, and run it the whole trip! Bye, Bye, bad cold bugs!!!
  • Leslie - we have a product here in Canada called "Cold FX". I have heard that it is the Canadian name for the same product as "Airborne" . Friends of mine say it works wonders.

    Penny - I am going to start auditioning. But I'm waiting until Monday to start. We have been getting a lot of thunderstorms on the weekends up here. I really don't want to be in the middle of an audition when the power goes out. Wouldn't be able to even use SKYPE if that happened. I'm prepared, however, to go directly to my cell phone and call the client should the power die on me. :)
  • Leslie,

    From my own personal experience, I believe Airborne DOES work! When I got home from VOICE 2010, my dear hubby had a terrible cold! I started on Airborne (taking a dose every 4 hours) and kept taking it until he was on the road to recovery! I also disenfected my home as much as possible and washed my hands like a fiend!

    Oh, and one other thing I KNOW helped.

    Every time I thought, "Oh, I don't want a cold!" I would change that thought to, "My immune system is functioning at 110% right now - no cold bugs can even get in! It's fantastic! I am so grateful for my wonderful immune system!" I just kept running that "tape" in my head for several days - in fact, it's still running.

    I never got his cold.

    Love ya!

  • Darla,

    You may want to consider our Master's Class in September. It's ALL about marketing! You can read about it at www.voiceacting.com

    And start auditioning, girl! The experience of actually DOING it is a growth process in an of itself! Even if you "think" you're not ready - you may be just the voice they are looking for! Let your talent out of the box!!!! And GO FOR IT!

    Love ya!

  • I love Penny's positive energy - it mirrors my own and just about everyone's on this wonderful group. My comment was really in reference to plane travel. (Sorry for being obtuse.) Anyone else out there sensitive to long plane flights? Outside of lots of water and lots of Purell, do voice actors do anything special to make sure they don't inherit a cold from a flight? Does Airborne really work? Has anyone tried it?
  • Thanks Randi! Well appreciated.
  • Since returning from VOICE 2010, I also have had many positive experiences regarding VO. I have not done any auditions, yet, because I do not feel I am ready. The part of VO that requires marketing skills is proving to be problematical for me, but I am improving in that regard.
  • Welcome, Sanjo--and welcome to the many other new names and faces that have recently joined PTU. Its been wonderful hearing and reading about the successes of so many members of this group. I'm really excited for all of you!

    Leslie, Penny's continued success seems to be a clear example of the universal Law of Attraction; that is, while negativity can attract negativity, Penny's clear positive approach toward life attracts positive energy and positive outcomes. Even her creation of the PTU group has brought positive energy and a supportive community together--extending its reach nationally and internationally. Clearly, she is a role model to us all...

    And speaking of Laws of Attraction--we've had a chipmunk infestation issue at our home (they're really cute, but very destructive!), so we have same humane traps set outside our home. This morning, there was a skunk in one of the traps. Yikes! I was reversing my car, right into it's path. I kept thinking positively, "please don't spray, please don't spray!" The skunk has just been safely removed from our property--and thank goodness, it did not spray. Keep those positive thoughts flowing and continued success to you all!

    Oh, Elie--if it was your birthday yesterday, "Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you!" I hope your day was wonderful!

    Best wishes and positive vibes to you all!
  • Thanks Leslie and David, it's nice to be here!
  • Amazing! I too have had more auditions AND paying jobs since I returned from VOICE 2010 than I had in the previous two months! Good Vibes!
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