A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Thanks for the pins, Penny. I'll keep mine in a prominent place to remind myself of how wonderful a time I had at Voice 2010 - and how wonderfully supportive you've been to me and all those you've met through this conference, VU and through your career. Thank you so much. Many hugs, -- Jodi
  • My dearest Positive Thinkers!

    What an absolute joy it was to meet you in person at VOICE 2010! When I saw you sitting all together and felt the positive energy in that lunchroom - WOW! It was like all the best birthday and Christmas presents I've ever received all rolled into one glorious, shiny package!! Your are wonderful and I love you!

    As you know, we had more PTU members in attendance than I had PTU lapel pins to give out. Oops! Actually, it was kind of nice to know more people came to VOICE than I had expected ~ there were well over 100! So, if you were at VOICE and you didn't receive a pin, please send me an email to ptu@voiceacting.com and I'll get your pin to you. Please include your mailing address in the email with the subject line PTU Pin.

    I will have to order some more pins, so this may take a few weeks, but I'll make sure you get your pin for attending VOICE 2010!

    For those of you who have your pin - be sure to wear it proudly! And when people ask about it (and they will), share with them why being a positive thinker is important to you and to the world! Our reach can go far beyond our VU group!

    Love you guys and gals!


  • Randi, I am happy for you that you found out the cause. Here is praying it it can be resolved so you can fill the world again with your voice!
  • Penny, my thanks to you and Jim again! When I was at Voice 2010, I had my throat examined by Dr. Reena Gupta. Her examination revealed a chronic vocal injury and vocal cords that didn't close. Who knew?! I thought that all my vocal problems were due to those darn Nashville allergies.

    I just finished making an appointment with a highly regarded ENT at the Vanderbilt University Voice Clinic. If it wasn't for, you, Jim, and Dr. Gupta of the Osborne Head & Neck Institute, I would have waited, with questions unanswered about what happened to my voice. I haven't been able to sing in years--and singing was something that always brought me great joy. Although I have access to some of the best voice (singing) coaches here in Nashville, I couldn't even think of going to them, because I knew that I no longer had a voice.

    My life and career has been on hold for quite a long time due to my vocal difficulties and limitations. You and Jim have opened the door for me--a door that has been sealed shut for several years now. Because of Voice 2010, I have an opportunity to get my voice back and my life back. Like Chuck, I can now see why it was "absolutely necessary" for me to be at Voice 2010. Thanks to you and Jim for making such a difference in our lives!

    With my deepest appreciation and gratitude,
    Randi Trochtenberg
  • Congratulations to you Chuck. How great is that?
    Jenny, congratulations to you also!
    I believe great things are going to happen this year. Even if just one of us succeeds, we all succeed because that lets everyone else know the opportunity is out there... we just have grab it :-)

    Thank you Leslie for sharing that truly inspirational video!
    And I will definitely be stopping by your FB page Linda. See you soon!
  • Chuck, I thought that I had typed "You deserve having this great thing come to you." Sorry..my bad morning proof reading skills. You deserve this opportunity! God Bless!!
  • My dear Chuck,

    I am firmly convinced that it's due to all those great hugs you got at VOICE 2010!

    Just kidding, darlin'! I am SO thrilled for you. Yes, I do believe that there was some PTU action going on! But more than that, it was YOUR time in YOUR place on YOUR day. I know things happen when they are supposed to and when you look back on the events leading up to that amazing experience, you can see why it was absolutely necessary for you to be at VOICE 2010.

    I love how the universe works, don't you?

    Big loves to you all.

  • WOW Chuck, that is fantastic!! Congratulations!!
  • Chuck, that story is priceless! You well deserve all the fortunate breaks that come your way! Dear Leslie, thanks for sharing your video!

    I wanted invite everyone to visit my FB page to see some pics from Voice 2010! I can never have too many friends! I wish I could have a picture of everyone, but you may know a few folks from the conference. lol

    Also, I'm sharing some insights on my blog at http://www.voicebylinda.wordpress.com I welcome your comments.

    May the spirit of sharing continue through PTU!
  • Dear Randi,
    Thankyou so verymuch for the great support.You are a dear.I didn't win the contest but really felt I had succeeded in gaining huge experience and exposure. I think the results will be posted somewhere soon. I asked Scott Brick at the end of Voice 2010 about them and he said the winners were announce already! but couldn't remember who won!! Also said they would be announced on line soon. In the meantime I am pursuing more education in that area and ploughing on!! I'm happy to say I got a small job when I got home and yesterday went to a new recording studio to introduce myself and got a job with them too. It's all good- as they say!!
    Do hope you are settling in after all the terrible floods. It was a delight to meet you. I wish you all the best .Jenny
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