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  • To all at PTU who were there at Voice 2010. I loved meeting and mingling and learning from you all. What a bunch of lovely,dear, sweet people- as Woody says "you guys ROCK" !
    AND to Penny- what a conference you gave us. You deserve to rest right now-put your feet up and glow girl!!
    Cheers and best wishes for a super VO year. I miss you all
    Lots of love and positive vibes. Jenny
  • Voice 2010 was a joyous experience - funny, touching, inspiring, full of love and budding friendships - thank you seems inadequate. So to Penny and James, fellow PTU friends, presenters, volunteers, roommates Jodi and Holly and everyone who touched me heart, mind, and soul this past week:
  • Message to everyone in this group I had the privlage of meeting at VOICE:

  • Thanks Chuck for that comment. It hits home.
  • Penny
    thanks for a wonderful VOICE 2010
    I have fun, and learn. What a great combination !
    it was good even for a SPANISH Voice over like me
  • I just wanted to say that even though I didn't get the chance to meet a lot of you, I had a great time. As a first-timer to the convention, it was fantastic to know that so many people can come together for a single purpose. Thank you Penny for all of the work you put into this. Yours and James' vision has been and will continue to be an inspiration to those who are new to VO and to those who have been in VO for any length of time.
    It was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope that next time I get meet more of the wonderful folks here.
    Now it's time to get caught up and get back to work :-)
    Have a great day!
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    TIME.IT il sito dell'Ora Esatta e dei Fusi Orari
  • This from GreatDay.com
    Make time
    Yes, of course you're busy. Even so, make time for more than just being busy.

    This day will only be here once. Make the time, while you can, to do something unique and memorable and valuable with it.

    Certainly there are many, many things you have to do. Make time, each day, to remember why.

    Being busy is not the point of life. Make the time, use the time, to be purposeful.

    Show your love to someone special, not merely with your words, but with your time. Instead of rushing right past life's beauty, make time to truly enjoy the wonders with which this day is filled.

    Make some time that has real and lasting meaning. Make some time, today and every day, to live and appreciate the miracle that you are.

    -- Ralph Marston
    The Daily Motivator - Something you can love
    This is the moment you have, this is the moment you are living. To find the very best in it give your very best to it, with love leading the way.
  • Wonderful to meet so many of you at VOICE! I loved getting together for lunch - it was fun to meet you all! And Penny, thanks for the PTU pin - that was a great "uniting" surprise when I checked in! Thank you!

    Had a GREAT time at Voice! Highlights for me were the PTU group, Pat Fraley and Brad Garret, the Social Media presentation with Dave and Terry, Joe's Promo Panel and the poolside party and all the networking! Thank you so much!
  • As a first time attendee to a Voice conference, I was so humbled and inspired by the community of people. Many thanks to everyone for making Voice 2010 such an overwhelming success! All the best, Becky
  • and when I'm not quite so sleepy as well - I will post all my glowing - red hot comments regarding the event - you do know . . . that this event has changed the industry? Believe that there is major support for it to be every year - I understand that this thought, at this time, makes you want to just lay down - we all love you so much and are so thankful for the gift you give with this - xoxo
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