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  • Happy to be here in L.A. Good thing the drinks are ten dollars each. I might actually be awake at 7 a.m. Haha. Looking forward to an informative day tomorrow. Hope all who planned on the trip made it safely.
  • PTU members are meeting at 12:45 on Friday in the Tech Talk Terrace area of the exhibit hall to have luncheon together. Just gran your sandwich from the cart and come on over!
  • Pick me I totally want to help. Cell 360 878-1020. Blessings:)
  • HI...Going to Voice 2010 and know there was going to be a special event for everyone on PTU, but can't find any info on it! Please...what, where, when??? Don't want to miss it!
  • A re-post from Bob Bergen:
    OK-so Marian Massaro arrived in LA yesterday for VOICE. She asked her cab driver to stop off at 7/11 on route to the Hyatt and she fell. She fractured her wrist in a few places, banged up her face and lip, etc. She was at UCLA Emergency until 4am. OY!!

    She's hoping to see a specialist some time today. She isn't even sure how much she's going to be able to do at VOICE. Surgery is being advised, but she'd rather do that back home in NYC if she can.

    Bottom line is, she needs assistance. If anyone (ladies) attending VOICE can help her out she's staying in room 1714. Her cell is (914)948-7515 At this point she can't even check in for VOICE, so I popped Penny a note asking if she can check her in and have her passes sent up to her room. But if some of you can check in on her, see if she needs help with the everyday buttoning of clothes, hair brushing, etc., that would be great!! She's hoping to do as much as she can at VOICE, but just needs help with "everything."


    Bob Bergen
  • Hey people...

    I am not gonna be able to attend Voice 2010 after all, so my already-paid registration is up for grabs! If anyone out there wants to be spontaneous and attend this great conference, just lemme know. All offers will be considered. :-) (Also, I just released my three-night reservation at the Hyatt, so that might be available, too.)


    Jean Hilde-Fulghum
  • Yaah, Tina & Thomas! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow : ) Whoo - hoo !
  • Hey Tina, glad it worked out ~ looking forward to seeing you again ! As for everyone else on PTU, looking forward to meeting you all at V2010 !
  • Thank you Darla. I look forward to meeting the people I know and those that I don't know yet. :)
  • That's great news, Tina! I am so glad that you will be able to come to the conference. Ken, I don't know you, but I hope you can find a way to attend next year.
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