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  • Congrats, Tina. I had a feeling something would come through for you to get there. I should see everyone next year. :)
  • Thanks so much you guys, I am so grateful for the kindness of the people here. I cannot even tell you how much it means to me to be able to be there!!
  • WhooHoo!!!

    Yeah for Tina! Thanks to everyone in this wonderful VO community. We can't get everyone to LA, but we can try to help as many as possible for this year!

  • THAT is fantastic news!

    Our dear Tina has found a way to get to VOICE after all - all because of the incredibly generosity of fellow PTU member, W. Thomas Dunn.

    Her dream of being with us will now come true!

    What have I been tellin' you, folks? This positive thinking stuff really does work!


  • I am very excited for all of you attending VOICE 2010 this week. It will be an AWESOME experience. Wish I could be there! I just arrived back from NYC after my son's singing competition. He didn't win but the college expo was great and 15 year old Bobby got to sing and work in some fantastic masterclasses with NYU and DePauw college professors. They wanted his email straight away and told him they'd stay in touch. True tenor voices are hard to find! It's all positive stuff and we had brilliant feedback. I think he's headed for great things in the future. Next Thursday I'm off home to UK for 3 weeks so a trip to LA in between NYC and UK was financially impossible. But just wait guys I WILL be there next year! I'm saving up.
    Hey Penny, do you know the location for next year yet? I hope it's still LA as the Classical Singer competition is taking place there too. I could kill two birds with one stone!!
  • I am very exited,
    and I am reading all your comments ....and all of you are too

    what a great opportunity to meet great voices...and excellent people.

    from a Spanish Voice over....NOS VEMOS PRONTO
    see you soon Perla Barraza
  • Sure
  • See....you gotta believe!

    Tom, okay to send Tina your phone number?

  • Hey Tina If all you need is a a way to get L.A., that is something I MAY be able to help you with, but we would need to be able to talk telephonically.
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