A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • I have chills from your post! Congradulations, That is so exciting, as they are iconic and we will greatly benefit. You are blessed to have such a great friend as Bob. Now we all will be!
  • That's wonderful Penny, thanks for sharing!
  • I am glad this worked for you.
  • I am so filled with gratitude this evening, that I just have to share with you, my positive thinking friends.

    I have experienced some really cool things in the last few days and I truly believe most have come from trusting in the universe and knowing that things will work out the way they should. Here's just one example of the progression of a "miracle."

    Last week I was having a difficult day - we all do - and I posted this on my Facebook page:

    Ah, crap!

    That was it - just two words that expressed my feelings at that moment in time.

    So many of my friends wrote to ask what was wrong and to offer help - bless them! One was the dear Bob Bergen. I spoke with him for quite a while on the phone and during that conversation I expressed how discouraged I was that we hadn't been able to book any "big" celebrities for our Celebrity Banquet - even though we had talked to so many. He asked me who I had in mind and I mentioned that having Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (Pinky & the Brain) would be a dream come true - but I had no way to contact them. He said, "Penny, they are two of my best friends! Do you want me to talk to them?"

    Well, of course I said yes. Within a day, Bob sent me a note that he had spoken with them both and they said they'd love to hear from us! I wrote immediately to them and within another day, I had spoken to both of them and they had agreed to be our special guests at the banquet. They are extremely generous and nice men. What a treat it was for me to talk with two of my VO idols!

    My point is that we never know what will bring the miracles to us. For me it was two words "Ah, crap!" that brought the loving and caring ear of my friend, Bob.

    Even though I had that one day of being discouraged, the next day was filled with optimistic sunshine!



    Ah, I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life!
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  • Good Gracious Day one and all! Today think on all the small blessings in your life, as there are many! The movement of each part of your body;to see; to hear; to know;to remember. We are all composed of the same material, but DNA divides us into individuals. As voice actors we can give life to our characters, providing them with a unique DNA-Dissecting the Nuances in Acting. Just as we are unique and made of the same material, the words we speak may just be words, until you make apply the DNA to them they are just words!
    ON a side note. I am up and functioning...thanks to some Happy Pills, the hot pink ones are GREAT! Keep covering me with your great positive thoughts, energy and prayers! Thank you all so much...they are working!
  • Aloha and Welcome from Maui Sharon!!! Great Group of Happy people......
  • Heather.......how great.....nothing like some happy news to start ones day......looking forward to racing you at VOICE

  • Hey, Sharon! We should do lunch sometime since we are in the same "neck of the woods!" Give me a call sometime (after VOICE) and we'll get together. 858-484-0220.


  • I am so glad I joined. Thank you for the invite. I am from San Diego, too!
  • yeah Heather - thank you for sharing the great news. Speedy recovery!
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