A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • 80 this morning and 89 tonight. I feel like Roy Scheider in Jaws - "We're goin' need a bigger boat!" Just kidding,l folks - I LOVE THIS!!!!
  • Wow! Is right! I hope the list grows!
  • No problem, maybe your hard drive and my memory are the same; great, but really short!!! Blessings:)
  • Oh my goodness, Christine! How the heck did I do that? Too much in my "hard-drive" I guess.....You are now on the list. Thanks for the heads-up!
  • Hi Penny, I am not on the list am definitely coming!!!
  • Got it, Chris! Thanks!
  • Hey Penny,
    I will be attending VOICE 2010. I look forward to the opportunity to meet a bunch of you while I am there.

    A happy belated Mother's Day to all mothers. I was busy over the weekend with my mother and family. I do hope everyone had a great weekend with their families.
  • Good morning everyone! Here's the list of Positive Thinkers who are attending VOICE 2010 that I know of - 80 of us - WOW!. It's a big list to go through and cross-check, so please forgive me if I have inadvertently left off your name.

    Please scan the list and if you are coming to VOICE and your name DOES NOT appear, please let me know right away.

    I am SO excited to see you all!!!!!


    PTU Members who will be attending VOICE 2010 (as of 5/10/10)

    1. Abrams, Dana
    2. Alburger, James
    3. Allers, Karen
    4. Banks, Phillip
    5. Bard, Linda
    6. Barraza, Perla
    7. Basanyi, Tricia
    8. Beam, Bobbin
    9. Boyns, Andy
    10. Brown, Sonnie
    11. Burke, Chuck
    12. Bybee, Michael
    13. Byk, Curt
    14. Chamberlain, Denise
    15. Courvoisier, Dave
    16. Daniel, Terry
    17. Daube, Justin
    18. De nance, Doug
    19. Del Roble, Lina
    20. Deo, Lowell
    21. Diamond, Leslie
    22. Dixon, Jennifer
    23. Dunn, Maxine
    24. Dunn, Thomas
    25. Edwards, Tom
    26. Farrar, Heather
    27. Florian, John
    28. Fulton, Lofty
    29. Furth, Lori
    30. Gallagher, Larissa
    31. Garrett, Sloan
    32. Gelder, Jeff
    33. Harrington, Adam
    34. Harvey, Dawn
    35. Heim, Connor Carson
    36. Hlinka, Harvey
    37. Hurley, Bob
    38. Iannucci, Bob
    39. Iannucci, Susan
    40. Jackson, Debbie
    41. Jones, Jill Lesly
    42. Jones, Melody
    43. Krangle, Jodi
    44. Lance, Rick
    45. Laponis, Mike
    46. Leman, Tina
    47. Leinart, Marissa
    48. Lenard, Dan
    49. Levine, Ron
    50. LindZ
    51. Marcus, Adam
    52. Marian, Massaro
    53. Merritt, Diane
    54. Middlebrook, Darla
    55. Mustang, Connie
    56. Norris, Jack P. (Kevin)
    57. Onur, Mehmet
    58. Owen, Rich
    59. Perretta, Nicole
    60. Pickett, Stan
    61. Pollins, Eric
    62. Regan, Talmadge
    63. Revell, Lynn
    64. Ristig, Linda
    65. Rothenberg, Karly
    66. Roberts, Dan
    67. Savanyu, Steve
    68. Sciglimpaglia, Robert
    69. Souer, Bob
    70. Sweeney, Patrick
    71. Tarrant, Rick
    72. Taylor, Amy
    73. Taylor, John
    74. Trochtenberg, Randi
    75. Venable, Brad
    76. Wallace, Daniel
    77. White, Terry
    78. Whittemore, Ron
    79. Zurek
    80. Penny
  • My latest blog is a personal one on Mother's Day. Check it out at http://poppaunplugged.com/

    With gratitude,
  • HAPPY MOTHERS' Day to all "las madrecitas" out there and to all who create, give birth to and nurture their projects and dreams.

    Thanks so much Chuck for sharing the fantastic "Choices" reflection you sent yesterday... Fantastic words to live and act by.

    I look forward to meeting so many of you at the conference. My excitement is practically uncontainable. Thank you Penny and James for "mothering" this conference with such heartfelt dedication, good will and loving generosity! See you all soon.

    A big hug... un fuerte abrazo,

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