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  • No worries about the bong Darla!!......
  • Good Gracious...Afternoon? The day is beautiful as the sun beckons a body to recall the younger days of youth when playing in the sun was as natural as breathing. Chasing butterflies and birds in the summer heat was entertainment! Playing in the blown up pool on the back patio was fuel for imagination to "other" places beyond that back yard. As voice over artist, remembering the emotions and stages of each part of our lives give recall and relevance to the words we speak. Our job is intrinsic believability. Today, play in your own backyard as that of youth. Explore the childlike realms and emotions once known to your imagination when you first started exploring; go back into the innocence of those emotions and draw on them for that intrinsic believability.
  • hi chuck...it was nice to hear your voice. sorry about the 'BONG" it was my computer telling me that i was late getting to my tele worksho call..;)
  • Hey Darla!! I thought that was you. Glad to have you on the call.
  • We are all so blessed to do what we do! This week I was an alien, a Goddess, a perky girl next door, a sales team leader and an over the top excited lady about tires! Oh yeah, and the new voice of Gold's Gym (hope they don't find out that I hate to work out!). Whew, time to rest and get back to reality.....until Monday!!

  • today, i am participating in a workshop entitled "Tele Audioboook Workshop". this will run from 10:00 to 3:30 central time (12:00 to 5:30 eastern). i hope to learn a lot during the 5 and a half hours!
  • Mahalo Chuck.

  • VERY cool Dana.......very cool indeed.
  • Today I recorded my French demo at Marc Graue Studios in Burbank, with the generous coaching and directing by Claire Dodin. It went great!

    Remeber to keep the dream alive and take your time.
  • Thanks, Chuck! That's lovely!
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