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  • I, too, send heartfelt prayers to you September (such a beautiful name) and your family in this difficult time. We all send you our sincerest powerful healing wishes and prayers to get well soon. Un abrazo, Lina
  • Be strong, September. We need more Eric and Ember shows!!

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to September. God Bless You
  • Joining in and sharing all the power I have with September, We're all with you.
  • September, you are surrounded by Love being suspended in prayers,hope and perfect faith lifting you up healed: body, mind, and spirit;I pray you be comforted in these also.
  • Count me in September, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and will continue to pray to God for the doctors and all involved to have wisdom and to grant you and your family strength throughout this time. Blessings:)
  • I join everyone in thinking positive thoughts and sending positive vibes for September and her family.
  • Thinking of you, September, and sending much love and prayers and hope. The VO Universe is with you and our wishes and powers are many and strong. May you be well.
  • Thinking of September, and adding my prayers to her friends and family for a healthy recovery.
  • Sending you love and prayers September.
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