A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Well, I just joined the universe over the weekend at a masters class with Jim and the bright and shiney Penny, in San Diego! With this class came a focus that I somehow didn't expect...The night I got home my 9 yr girl couldn't stop talkng, it was really wonderfulI, guess what mom this happened, guess what mom that happened, my husband said she hadn't talked that much in two days! This week I've rearranged my studio, no more box! That darn cat thought it was her bed anyway. I still feel focused, but now I need lots of positive thoughts if you have extra. There are some real and frustrating personal issues going on in my life right now that need a lot of attention, I'm trying to give them the focus they need without letting them derail me. Sooo.......if you can put you extra good thoughts out there for me I would so much value and appreciate it. Thanks again for the weekend Penny you are priceless! Hugs, Mary
    Welcome Regena!

  • happy_puppy.gif

    OHMIGOSH, you guys!


    Please welcome the lovely Regena U. Campbell as our 700th member!

    Love you all!!

  • I am sitting in Deb Muro's house right now. I have been telling people, I feel that I am a horse at the gate. Effiective today, I am off and running. Mind you this race is a marathon not a sprint and I will treat it as such. Deb has been teaching me for a few hours and I can already see and hear the difference.

    Adam, I am so thrilled for you and I totally know "the energizer bunny concept". I think your branding is perfect and I can totally visualize it, I pray that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!!

    Tom, I totally loved the video and felt the impact deep within me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Penny, I think the video shows graphically what happens when you flip things around; negative to positive. Also I am still believing for the last week in April tee hee. Blessings:) and Happy Easter
  • What an incredible week! If William's birthday wasn't enough, I've just got back from my first on-camera performance, a role in a TV commercial. It ws interesting to see how much work goes into a production, and will add a lot of colour to my thoughts when in post production. More on this later.

    To top this, however, please visit my blog where I've posted an interview with James Alburger http://andyboyns.com/vo/blog. In this interview, James talks about his background, as well as some great information about VOICE2010
  • @ Adam's Apple: Boy, when they suggest you hit the ground with all cylinders running, you redefine the term!!! Go get 'em Tiger!

    @ Tom: as for the video you shared....* W * O * W ! ! ! !
    I can't believe I got choked up there near the end. I have 2 daughters, aged 14 and 10, and they are my sunshine because they are Trend-Busters, like the 2nd half of the video!

    Much thanks everyone for another inspiring day!

  • Wonderful video. Excellent!!!

    Definitely worth it to watch all the way through and in full screen mode!

  • Just watched this - this morning! It is BRILLIANT!

    Everyone ENJOY!


  • Comment by Tom Dolan 1 minute ago
    Delete Comment This is a Brilliant Video. Content, Presentation, Intelligence, Creativity and VoiceOver: Terrific . Worth 2+ minutes of your day...just be sure to watch the whole thing. I like it 'full screen' as it focuses on the message. Enjoy...

    - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Dearest Adam,

    I knew the light bulb would shine brightly for you one day! And now, with the help of my dear friend, Debbie, it clearly is!! Your concept is brilliant - and VO With a Crunch is simply genius! (Funny the things that come to us in the shower...)

    I'm excited to hear about all the things you will do with this and especially excited to hear about all the jobs that come to you as a direct result of your hard work!

    Much love to you, sweet young man. You will also be in my heart forever ~ you are one of the special ones.....

    BIGGEST Hugs,

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