A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Today I am taking another big step down the path of a new career. I will be auditioning for a part in a movie. The audition process is something that I have been through before. What makes this time different is that I sort of pushed myself into the process. The casting people had told me "thank you", but there was not a part for me. The movie will be a medical drama and I suggested that I could play one of the doctors (neurologist or forensic pathologist). The response was that they were looking for men to fill those roles. I pointed out to them that WOMEN can also be neurologists and forensic pathologists. Really, I didn't think that I would hear back, but an audition time was scheduled for me. I think the casting people (who were women - go figure) were embarrassed (LOL). So, today, I will go and give the audition my best effort.
  • That's lovely, Rita! Thanks for sharing with us.

    We really have to meet someday - don't you think?


  • I love all of these inspirational stories. My testimony is one of struggles, negative people saying I couldn't do things and shouldn't set my goals too high. I stuttered due to some traumatic childhood events. My older brother made a game out of working with me to speak more clearly. He called it "Fast Talkers of America." I'm one of those people that CAN say those tag lines at a speedy clip. My mother told me to think complete thoughts before I spoke. I could sing a phrase, but couldn't speak it very well. Fast forward over 40 years later--I am the imaging voice/production manager for Southern California Public Radio. I have voiced thousands of commercials, lend my voice to e-learning narrations internationally, record phone-on-hold messages, give motivation speeches. Yes, set high goals and follow your drreams. I have a strong faith in God and want to encourage everyone. Keep goin!!! Stay strong and focused!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  • Just wondering as a fairly new VO, how many auditions a seasoned VO might do from home in a day? Thank you!
  • Dear Penny and all who have shared:
    I am new to this site and new to the professional world of VO but (as my bio says), I first entered broadcasting at the age of 16, while still in high school, and was soon 'on-air' as a newscaster, on-air personality and commercial production voice. I LOVED all of it - skipped a lot of school in grade 11 and 12 to be at the station (not so smart)

    Drama, acting and broadcasting have always been part of my DNA and over the years I have expanded my interests to include singing with various choirs and participating on many boards and committees.

    I may have had a 25 year hiatus from actual 'voice over' work while raising a family and moving every 5 years, but I've been doing a lot of public speaking on with the various boards and committees I have been involved with as well as some part time work in reception at various companies.

    So how did I get here? I attended an 'Introduction to VO work" put on by the local community college. Which oddly enough was how I ended up in radio in the first place - an Introduction to Broadcasting course put on by the local rec center - which I did not want to go to but a friend dragged me along. I got a call back to come work part time and the rest as they say...... Anyway - back to VO's. I attended a master class in Dec. of 2008 and realized once again how much I LOVE this.

    My very supportive hubby took me shopping and I got some equipment and set up on our home pc. And that was kind of it. What I didn't realize/internalize was that this was a business - MY business. I never wanted a business. I just want to do the VO work. All the lovely equipment sat there in the closet for a year (yes a YEAR) until I started tentatively exploring websites for VO actors. And found VU. Which has been a godsend and this forum especially so. This site is by far the most welcoming and helpful with not so much of the ego and that is a breath of fresh air.

    On those days when I don't think I can stand one more 'maybe' or don't want to 'work the business' I come here for a dose of common sense, humor and good advice.

    So thank you - all of you - but especially Penny. Oh, I just turned 49 in case you were wondering - so no - age is not an issue and never should be!
  • Been out of it for a week, came back just now, caught up on my reading, and now have goosebumps and little tears. Some deep and meaningful love here. Thanks.
  • My dear friend, Heather.

    Thank you so much for your kind words - I love you.

    I still remember meeting you at VOICE 2007. I knew as soon as I hugged you that our paths would cross again. And over the last 3 years we have become good friends. Your support and advice have been invaluable to me. You are truly a kind a giving person and I thank you again for making my day - today.

    It's always so nice to know that one's kindness has not only been graciously accepted, but that the kindness has made another person's journey in this life a little easier.

    I am so grateful for you, Heather. And yes, you ARE in the right place! Can't wait to see you again!

    BIG hugs,

  • Penny, I...we...so many, are so grateful to know your spirit, kindess, wisdom and caring knowledge! By your sharing and creating this venue along with all the many other things you do you to reached out your message of positive inspiration and hope so many are give inspiration and hope.. I thank all the powers that be that I e-mailed a stranger several years ago as a result I got from Googling on "how to get into voice-overs" during my own mid-life crisis. Their reply lead me to you and James. That was in November, while VOICE 2007, was an inspiration from what I understand. We met in March at conference. I took a huge chance. I had never been away from my family before after 27 years alone- let alone on a trip of my own, facing something that others laughed at...and some still do. We spoke briefly-you were rather popular with a crown around. You looked me in the eye, smiled and gave me a huge hug and said I was in the right place; that I was among like minded people! During that first conference, I met friends, and found out you were right. I was starting from ground zero, but also knew I had spent all my life preparing for the next step down my personal path. It is true, the joy is in the journey, the destination for me may never be bold, but to quote the Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trip it’s been!” and a wonderful one too at that.
    Beyond rich's, beyond the plastic of what is not real in this world, there are those people who put a light on what is honest, real, centered, caring, and refreshing. Folks this is Penny. She is as genuine as she shows on this board. This is who she is. Thank you for reaching so many with the positive-the hope-the inspiration, to try to reach for your dreams. I may never be famous, and the money may never poor in. But writing and voicing are a passion I serve and I have been made richer by trying for those dreams, reaching outside of my own box in stretching beyond what I thought I would ever accomplish through those connections I have made through VOICE conferences and the uplifting message Penny represents. Thank you for sharing those messages each day and "representing" the walk of the positive in this life! You-we are blessed. Just wanted to share. It is important to tell others how they have made a difference in your life.
  • That's a good one, Penny! Thanks!
  • Hey Penny, that is a great strory. I recently found a pic to put in my studio that has eagles in it. There is a caption on the bottom the print that says "Climb high, climb far. Your goal the sky, Your aim the star." I think that makes a nice p.s. for your story and now I have another positive thought to associate with the pic. Thank you very much. Blessings:)
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