A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Woody~ I, too, have recently been hit with a case of bad attitude-itis in relation to my capabilities. I can't say that it is completely over for me, it is still nagging, but I keep positive, read posts right here on Positive Thinker's Unite, and make a small, easily reachable goal the second a self-doubt creeps in. Then I accomplish the goal...it always works. I figure when I have enough tiny goals reached, they'll bunch together and form a bridge with which I can get over myself! HA! Keep the faith~Becky
  • Hi Gang

    I have to abashedly admit that over the past week I have been struggling to maintain a positive attitude.

    For some reason I have been riddled with a tremendous amount of self doubt.

    I dragged my sorry butt into the studio today and once I got started I didn’t realize the time going by.

    Anyway, Penny I would like to extend my heartfelt congrats. As a brand new Grandpa I know how you feel. We took our granddaughter out for her first stroll in the park yesterday. Johanne (my beloved wife, partner and personal cheerleader) carried her in the snuggly while I pushed our grandson in the stroller.
  • Linwood... welcome! I saw the article a few days ago, and you certainly have a positive aura.

    Great to have you here!
  • Aloha and welcome from Maui Linwood!!!
    Indeed it is great that everyone is sooooooooooo helpful.... make the world a nicer place huh?
  • Hello to all... I just wanted to say hello. I am a new comer to the voice over industry.... I am working with Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins.... in NY..... I have known them for at least 2-3 years and just recently last year or two seriously pursued a career in voice over. .... its has been a wonderful journey.... I invite your all to see the article in Vox Daily.... please comment... and any words of advise and/or encouragement are welcome. .. one thing i have learned is that there is enough good work for all..... I have been a member of VU and I thank Zurek for staying in touch.... as well as the members of Positive Thinkers... they have wonderful words for us all....
    Lets keep each other up lifted in our quests.... to be the best we can be...';l'
    good luck to us all.
  • Have a great day, everyone!

    Congratulations Penny! It's great that such small bundles can bring so much joy... now you can get the train set you've been yearning for ;-)
  • Lynn, you are totally in the right place. This site has given me the most encouragement as I too am new to VO. I look forward to meeting you at VOICE

    September, now that I know some of your journey, I can say congrats and I am so proud of you, I will keep praying and believing for your fast recovery.

    Penny what a blessing for you and your family. Kids(Grandkids) are God's way of smiling(that phrase literally just came to me) ...goosebumps! Blessings:)
  • Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Since I am still learning I won't be super active but on occasion I may ask a question or two, if that's OK. I am scheduled to attend Voice 2010 and perhaps I will meet some of you all there. Once again thanks for the hand of friendship!
  • Well...I'm late in all this too!
    CONGRATULATIONS PENNY!!! and to Tim & Karla too!

    September... What a Fantastic Journey you have been thru!
    I'm sure that you will be an inspiration to many others!
  • I know I'm a bit late with this, but I've absolutely got to add my congratulations to you, Penny, for being "Nana" for the fourth time! Lessly James (think I'll just refer to him as LJ) is a very lucky little boy to have a Grandma like you - and parents like Tim and Karla. Looking forward to having you back in the office when you return to San Diego - and to seeing all the pics!
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