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  • Hi all!

    Later this week, I will be leaving San Diego and traveling to Nebraska for the birth of our first grandson, Lessly James Abshire. I am so excited to meet him!

    Since I am there to help with the household (and my two granddaughters) I probably won’t be doing a lot of computer work for the next 3 weeks, so I am going to depend on all of you to keep the positive thoughts flowing in our precious group. Please do post positive thoughts, experiences and anything else you feel will help your fellow members.

    I’ll be back soon, but I will definitely miss you all!

    Big Hugs,

  • It never ceases to amaze me how many people know where Scottsbluff
    (and surrounding towns) is! I've even had a few students who were raised around there! It truly is a small world!

    Do you remember meeting a gentleman named Jack Bair this weekend? He was there for the Smokin Mysteries too. He is working with us this week to produce his first demo.


  • Hey Penny and all my time in California was amazing. The Smokin Mysteries Project was one of THE highlights from my life. Talk about being surrounded by positive people, that was the place. If you want to hear more I am happy to share by my email akwandering_lady@yahoo.com

    BTW Penny I lived in Alliance Nebraska for 5 months, so I know where you are going. Safe travels and I will talk to you when you get back. Blessings:)
  • Oh, Pearl! I LOVE it! What great picture to see first thing on a Monday morning! And you did a fantastic job on the cake!

    Happy Birthday Charlie!
  • Ha ha!! I know, poor thing!
    It was a rather delicious chocolate cake, even though I say so myself. Must have been the happiness oozing from it. It was made with love and Charlie adored it.

  • I also pointed out the innocence of the cake: "bet it didn't realise it was about to be eaten!" lol
  • Our friend Andy Boyns commented on one of my Facebook posting the other day and said I should post it here.
    My daughter is turning 13 and had a party this weekend. She does have a very positive outlook on life and is always smiling. I'm not really a cake-maker per say but my kids request a home-made, home-decorated cake for every birthday. Charlie (Charlotte) asked for a smiley face cake.
    Andy pointed out that it is a very POSITIVE cake!!
    So, here from me is a sunshiney, smiley face to start your week!

  • Way to go, Penny! Maybe not everyone can stop the voices from saying things like "You're too old"...and "What's wrong with you"...but, you can TRAIN them to say what you want; "You're never too old"...You can DO this"...etc.
    -Always love your inspirational stories - thank you so much! (BTW, God's speed and love to Justin's family.)
  • Thanks, Ann! I was raised in the mountain states, so I've experienced the cold and snow - but I've lived in So Cal for about 20 years and I am an absolutely baby when it comes to the cold now! Yesterday I took out all my sweaters and coats and am now trying to decide which ones to take! Thanks for the good wishes and advice. I'll do my best!
  • Penny, enjoy Scottsbluff. There's nothing finer in that corner of Nebraska than your family, for sure!!! As a NE native now living in the San Fran. area, I miss it, but have discovered I like the rain more than SNOW. Pack your warm clothes and drive much slower than you think you have to.
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