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  • Prayers for you and the medical team taking care of your.
  • September...Prayers have been sent!

    And Tom...Wow! ..Reeeealllly makes ya think!
  • Good Luck September, you will be fine! If you need any medical info or advice just ask.. My other life, I practice ICU Nursing..

  • Health, Happiness, and Healing thoughts to September for January, and All for 2010...!
  • Ember,

    I'm praying for you!

    Be well,
  • Done and DONE Penny! paryers, thoughts and hope goes out to September Day leach! May the Surgeon be keen and the healing be swift!
  • To all Positive Thinkers:

    September Day Leach, one of our favorite Positive Thinkers, is having a lot of surgery in January. Take a minute today and send her some positive, healing energy, will you?

  • Wow, Tom - that was just beautiful! Seeing this does make my simple new year's resolutions seem a bit insignificant, but seeing our universe like this does make one feel part of a much larger picture, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching.

    Best wishes for the new year to you too, friend!
  • OK, so it's the end of the year and time to evaluate '09, make dynamic plans for '10 and get on with life. Pretty much a well worn repeat scenario, but before You go Beating yourself up for all the usual reasons...

    I'm suggesting you take a moment and check-out this Excellent, Brief video that may just put the Big Picture into Perspective for You and clear away the unnecessary 'stuff' that just gets in your way.

    Have a Sparkling New Year.
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  • Happy New Year, everyone - 2010 will be a great adventure... go and enjoy it!
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