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  • Oh, forgot to tell you!

    It's my birthday next weekend and I received an early birthday card from my in-laws. In it, there was a VERY GENEROUS gift of $200!!! My goodness, I was stunned!! PLUS my husband has announced that he just received a free round-trip Southwest Airlines flight from our SWA credit card use.

    So, the cloud with the silver lining is forming already. My VOICE 2010 savings account is now open again. Whoo Hoo!! JUST A FEW HUNDRED MORE TO GO!

    I think I may just get there after all. Fingers crossed!

    Isn't it amazing that you never know what the day will bring when you open you eyes in the morning!

    :) :) :)
  • Talk about feeling positive!

    i just found out that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is rebuilding the house of a local family living in Kemah, about 3 miles from my house. The WHOLE community is going ga ga over it. it's FANTASTIC!
    I just went on the website to register to volunteer as they need "helping hands" but I'm already too late. They already have the 3000 people they need. WOW!!
    I drove past Walmart and all the production vehicles were parked in the parking lot. It's all very exciting stuff. I'll keep you posted. If you want to see how they're doing with it and find out a little more about the very deserving family who are being helped visit, http://blushieldsextreme.com/ . There's a video and photo gallery. They started work on Thursday and it will take 7 days.
    Hopefully I can help with the food donations, although I don't think my reputation is as good as yours, Penny.
    Thank You Greater Galveston County, Texas!
    Thank you, Galveston County. You did it. Over a handful of days, thousands of volunteers devoted hundreds of thousands of hours to building something…
  • Yes Andy, Bob the builder is now a popular character for our young little builders out there. It's a while since I watched it as my kids have very quickly grown to be 12 and 15! Wow!! Where did that time go?? I have to say though, although I like the voice of Bob in the U.S it's just not the same for me. Neil Morrisey does such a good job in the UK and he's the true Bob for me.
    I am familiar with other characters you mentioned as my sister has a 5 year old back in England but I'm not sure if they are here or not.
  • Pearl, thanks for the disambiguation... we're well versed in all children's animation and programing here (personally I findt so much more positive than the stuff for big people) - but I forget we have an international diet. Has Bob the Builder got to the US? He's a kindred spirit of Handy Manny, and you now have the question and appropriate response sequence "Yes we can!"

    Personally my favs are Phineas and Ferb (not just because I have a secret agent hat, like Perry the Platypus)... positive, creative characters. William loves quoting the VO on the title sequence - good practice, especially for timing.

    If you have no idea who or what I'm talking about you should do some research. It'll bring you a smile. Does anyone else associate cartoon characters with real people? Enjoy!
  • Hi Penny and all positive people! I love this group and reading your posts and stories. I thought you'd appreciate this website called the Get Inspired Project. They found my blog and contacted me for an interview. I recommend the written over the audio, as professionals, you may find the quality of the recording hard to listen to...but there are many cool stories on there and I know that the site is always looking for people to tell their stories....maybe you or someone you know?
  • Taking my daughter to another swim meet today. I hope she does really good, but it's up to her to try hard. One event will be her first ever in that event. We'll see.
  • Well, my friends, I have to say, the hot water tank day was definitely not a good one...the sinking feeling in my stomach from the realization that VOICE 2010 may have slipped through my fingers was just awful! I had planned to pay for it before the Holidays but, for some reason, hesitated. That money, it seems, was definitely destined for something else and the hot water claimed the prize! I admit...I did sulk for a little while.... and then..... realized I had to give myself a really good talking to!!!

    I'm feeling much more positive today and looked at the post I had written the other day! Oh my goodness!!! What a spoiled little child I am!!

    I apologise!!

    And to think I grew up in a VERY poor family after my father got sick at age 38 and never worked again. I should know better!! We lived through so many hardships and disappointments but look at me now! I moved to the USA with my husband's job and we have lived the American dream for the last 9 years! Compared to most people I know, we are pretty darn well-off, living in the lap of luxury.

    What on earth am I whining about? VOICE 2010 is a great goal to have and as much as I am yearning to go, it is not my priority in life. I have to suck it up, get on with it, take every day as it comes and be thankful for them. I am a well grounded, good person and I will be rewarded in life if I live it well and if I really deserve it. If I am meant to go to VOICE, the funds will be provided somehow and I will be very thankful. If I'm not meant to go.....well...I obviously didn't earn the right to have the privilege and I'll just have to try harder next time.

    Thank you Christine for your offer! Sharing would be really nice, although my husband had jokingly said that he may need to visit his company's office in L.A. this coming summer and he may try to co-ordinate his trip with mine and share my room with me. Whoohoo! I'll keep you posted on that! Mind you, I noticed on the VU VOICE group that Victoria Phelps is looking for a roommate too. It looks like you may be spoiled for choice when you get there....and I'm positive you will!

    Penny, your mom's inspirational words ring very true and those obstacles have been sent to try me. In fact, to try all of us. We all have our problems and those of us with big dreams always find a way to fight through them. I'm not the only one and some of you here have also mentioned your difficulties and obstacles. We'll look back on 2010 and realize it really wasn't too bad

    Let's all think big for 2010! Think positive and think happy. It's the only way to go. As I wrote in a discussion in September, Being Positive is addictive, it actually improves your health and it really does help you live your dream.

    Onward and forward, men and women of Positive Thinkers Unite!!

    As Andy and his little animated friend, Bob The Builder would say, "Can we do it?"

    Altogether nowwwww............"YES WE CAN!!!"
  • Dear Becky,

    Viva la strawberries!!!


  • You are so welcome, dear Christine!

    You might also post your desire for a room mate on the VOICE group here at VU. I think I've seen some people there who are looking.

    Can't wait to hear your news! Sounds EXCITING!


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