A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • It's interesting to read your story, Penny ~ there are a lot of things there that I can identify with. I am still in my "good" yet hated job, and am planning to continue as much VO research and study as I can while I still need to be there. The sooner I can be ready to really actively seek VO jobs, though, the happier I will be! I'm doing my best to take daily steps forward, because I know it takes time and preparation to do this right.

    Being here is part of that, so thanks for this forum! :)

  • Love this, Tom! Great thoughts for the coming new year!


  • Sometimes I stand back and say "How did this apartment ever get so FULL of stuff." Of course my pat answer is: "1 piece at a time."

    Life's a lot like that. At some point you look at it all and wonder how it got this way. There's just too much stuff and a lot of it's not necessary anymore, but it's still there. Your style has changed. So have your needs, interests, aspirations.

    You really did need that stuff, that's why you collected it, but maybe you keep it around now out of habit or familiarity or fear of letting it go.

    End of the year is a good season to think about the personal stuff you don't need anymore. Lighten the load if you can. When you do, you'll discover that moving forward into the New Year, is a lot easier because you're not moving all that old stuff... one more time.

    Happy Holidays.
  • Don't you just LOVE the power of positive thinking and expecting great things? It works like a champ!

    Good for you, Pearl!


  • Hi everyone.

    My positive thoughts at the beginning of the week definitely worked.i told myself this was going to be a good one! It has been every day.

    Today is a very good day! I am a member of another social network called Jacketflap.com which is mainly for children's authors, illustrators and publishers but also for anyone who is interested in that industry. One of my Jacketflap 'friends', Frances Botham, wrote some fun Christmas poems about her character, Pinky the Pig, and sent them to me in the hope that I could give some children the pleasure of hearing them read aloud.
    I loved them and decided to record and send them to her. Well, it seems that I totally made her day. She had never imagined how they would sound. She's so thrilled that she has told me if I want to record more, she'll write them whenever I want!! Now, she's made my day!!!
    I created a couple of videos using hers and my photos with the narration attached and posted them on YouTube. I've uploaded them to VU too if anyone would like to listen.
    I'm going to ask my brother to draw an illustration to use instead of our photos. That would be better.

    i hope you all have a super duper weekend. Stay positive and smiling through the Christmas rush and think happy thoughts!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! xxx
  • (Whisper......) Hey, you guys.....

    We're only 10 Positive Thinkers away from

    600 MEMBERS!

    WOW! That was fast!

    I'm so excited that there are this many people who choose to be positive instead of negative in this world!


  • by the way..Google Steve Gursky when you have time you'll be impressed a bit.....god, I wish he was still here.....I'd never have to worry about bad sound!

    Happy Holidays my Brother......say hello to Hendrix for me.
  • Thanks Gorgeous!! Will do. I believe the next step is to save up all I can for coaching. The Tower industry took a dive bigtime....so it's back to the drawing board.That's the only thing holding me back.....coaching! Listen to my demos...you'll see what I mean. Never coached...never trained. I have Randy and peter's book "voice for hire" and I'm playing that CD as if god had recorded it.
    I'll be honest.....I see the others posting that they did this and they did that...and got considered for something killer.......and I turn green!!
    I want so bad to be just like them........especially Bob Oakman!! OMG that dude rocks!! I want that sound!!! HELP!!

    LoL.....Happy Holidays to you and to all the lucky people out there in the voice world. When I called, I just wanted to pick your brain a bit to get ideas on things. Maybe another time.
    Happy Holidays!!!
  • Thanks, Loren - glad you liked the piece. Hurricanes are a very good example. The tragedy of 9/11 is another. We humans become complacent easily, don't we. But we as Positive Thinkers can change the way we become - right?

    Sorry I missed talking with you the other day. Let me know if I can be of any help.


  • This was inadvertently taken off the site - BY ME! Yikes - just when I thought I had this dang computer mastered! :-)


    Food 4 Thought
    As my hubby and I were driving home the other night, I was struck by how much nicer the homes (and other structures) look with Christmas lights. Even the most modest dwellings or run-down buildings by day are magically transformed into works of art at night by the addition of just a few colored lights. The warm glow illuminates the doorways and beckons those passing by to “Come on in, you’re welcome.” Warmth seems to radiate from the lights and fills me with a child-like wonder.

    I was also struck by this thought. How many of us look as good in the daylight as we do at night? Now wait! Before you think I’m talking about physical appearance, let me assure you, I am not. I’m referring to the “real” or everyday us as compared to the “enhanced” or “dressed up” us. Do we (like our homes) reflect warmth and hospitality every day, or only during special times of the year when we bring out all of our fine things to make a good impression on others?

    It is something upon which to reflect.

    Some of the things I do during the holiday season that I do less frequently the rest of the year include:

    Making an effort to speak kindly to harried sales clerks and exercising patience when waiting in line.

    Giving real, concentrated thought to what I could do to make someone else really happy.

    Contacting friends I haven’t spoken to in a long time.


    Offering a wish for “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” to complete strangers.

    Then January comes and, well . . . I don’t exactly stop all together, but that bit of extra effort certainly disappears. The holidays are over, after all. I can put away the decorations and my thoughts of peace and well-wishes can be packed away for yet another year.

    So this coming year, I’ve made a decision. I plan to keep that festive spirit alive for a bit longer – all year, if I can!

    I want to treat others with more respect (yes, even including those kind of drivers on the freeway. . .), and to think more about the real me - the one without the twinkling lights – the one who acts the same way every day without any special reason – or season. I will wear my best “decorations” every day: honesty, gratitude, generosity, thoughtfulness, understanding, thankfulness, love, and kindness to everyone will be my twinkling lights. I plan to share the warmth of my heart with everyone – everywhere I go.

    That’s my plan.

    What’s yours?


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