A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Hey Chuck! Truly an Inspirational Story! Although my childhood was not was yours was...I too am a risk taker and know all to well that things don't turn out the way I planned...in fact, I've had many all out failures! BUT...I never give up ...I keep on pressing on.
    YOU GO my Friend!!
  • I am a longtime believer in Positive Thinking who went back to the dark side of thinking negative things about what I could do for a few years. Now I am back!

    At the age of 9 I got extremely sick and was in and out of hospitals for the next 9 years. At 17 the doctors told my parents that they should put me in a long term care facility because I had just broken my back, my intestines had burst, and my prognosis was really bad, they said that I had maybe a year or so. The Make-A-Wish foundation granted me a wish and I chose to take my family to Disney World. Because my family never had alot of money and everything my parents did have was poured into hospital bills we did not get to take family vacations and this was a dream of mine to see my family have fun. I could not ride any of the rides because, at the time I was in a wheelchair and had very weak bones but the trip was a dream! Following that trip I got significantly better each day. Within a year my bones had strengthened, I finally started growing again and was studying at the University and having a very positive experience.
    I had a strong drive to make things worthwhile and after college spent 5 years traveling the U.S. doing event management and getting the wonderful opportunity of working fantastic events like the Super Bowl, concerts, and NASCAR events.
    Currently I am a Producer at LeapFrog toys and especially love seeing the look on young kids faces when they play with a toy I was responsible for making.
    For some reason over the last few years, I had lost the confidence to go after things I dreamt about. Voice acting was one of those things and over the last 9 months I have started pursuing that. I get very nervous about moving in a new direction and letting a great job go eventually but I also remember that I took alot of risks in the past, not all of them turned out the way I imagined but they turned out the way they needed to without my knowing then.
  • Isn't it amazing how we all touch each others lives? I LOVE this stuff, don't you?
  • I am so glad that my comments have inspired and helped with keeping our thoughts positive.
  • Great inspiration and positive energy from all these posts! I especially like the metaphor Penny shared of the quilt. Thanks! And Rob's posts are quite inspiring as well. Thank you - Thanks to all the members for all your contributions and positive energy! So much good happens in our lives everyday. We sometimes need to sit up and notice it. Thank you!
  • Welcome Aaron, I really enjoyed your story. It's just an example of the countless possibilities in life. Much success to you, and thanks for sharing your positive energy.
  • I can see I am going to enjoy this group and hearing all the ideas to be positive. I love the opportunity to celebrate other's successes. I can't wait until I have something to share for others to celebrate.
  • È meglio avere linee ridere rispetto se si dispone di verruche preoccupazione.
    - Proverbio tazza di caffè italiano

    It is better to have laugh lines than to have worry warts.
    - Proverb from an Italian coffee cup
  • Welcome Aaron and just remember there are plenty more people out there that you know, or who know people you know. that have an opportunity waiting for you. Keep your ears open...the fun has just begun.
  • Aaron,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful post. Ah, one never knows the road we'll be placed on, do we? Sounds like your generosity to a friend definitely put you on your "road" to success"

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - what a GREAT smile you have! It just lights up the room. Hope I'll get to see it in person someday - Maybe at VOICE 2010?

    Take care - and keep posting. I LOVE all these wonderful posts!!


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