A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Welcome Aaron,
    Great things do and will happen!!
  • I am new to this site and to the group. I got into voiceovers by doing a favor for friend at work. Our training department was looking to someone to voiceover a “How it Works” type of video for one of our potential clients. My friend came to my desk and said, “Aaron you have a great voice, this video is about your department and you’ll get a bonus check. I heard “bonus check.” In the beginning I thought it would be easy, just read the script and fill in the missing elements. After the first hour or so it got serious and I had to be coached. At the end of the day I was given several books to read and asked to come in over the weekend. I crammed, listened and watched tv and radio commercials. While researching voice acting I was lucky enough to find a voiceover artist who was kind enough to work with me without ever meeting me. I would do a take email it, get coached and do it again.

    Saturday arrived and I was able to nail the part to their satisfaction but I knew I could have done much better, but I was hooked. I enjoyed the whole experience because it reminded me of acting in high school and college. I was contacted by a one of the client’s associates who owns a local bowling alley to record a spot for them and that has led to a coffee house spot. I have so much to learn but the road I am traveling has put me in a new place. My worse day practicing and trying to nail a script is better than my best day in the office! Three months ago I would have never guessed a potential new career path would come from agreeing to do a friend a favor over lunch?
  • Boy! I guess you're in a pondering mood - and are we ever glad you are! Great post, Rob - keep it up!! We LOVE this stuff!


  • Hello Positive Thinkers,

    It appears that I am in a pondering mood today. Just something else I wanted to share. I have a few friends that enjoy running marathons and I was talking with them about how they actually finish the race. All three of them talked about somewhere in the middle of the race you just hit what is called "the Wall" They described it as tremendous fatigue and a bit of crazy. It is where the body has decided that it has given all it can and does everything it can to get you to stop running.

    THe key to getting past the wall in a marathon they said was getting past the wall. They all agreed that when they were able to get past the wall, one was thinking positive and just keep pushing past the pain that the body realized that you are in control and it started to get back to work.

    When you come up to a wall, I guess you have a few choices.
    1) Go over it
    2) Go under it
    3) Go around it
    4) Go through it
    5) Quit

    In my world Quit is not an option, and I hope is not an option for those reading this. You can always stop at the wall, get focused, breathe in through nose and breathe out through your mouth. Then apply option number 1 through 4, never quit.

    I decided.
    Rob Actis
  • That's just wonderful, Rob! Such wonderful, wonderful advice. She's lucky to have you for a friend - but then, so am I!

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  • I was talking to a good friend of mine today and she is getting pretty bummed about her lack of work. She is looking at doing something else. I sent her this quote, She said it was just what she needed to see. I thought that I would share it here with all of us "Positive Thinkers"

    Sometimes we all need that internal boost.

    Keep moving

    When the path becomes difficult, that's no reason to give up. In fact, it means you're making real progress.
    The mountain becomes more rugged and steep the closer you get to the summit. Keep going, keep climbing, keep making the effort, and soon you'll find yourself reaching the top.

    The challenges you encounter are unquestionable proof that you're making a positive difference. Make use of those challenges, not as an excuse to stop, but rather as a platform from which to push forward.

    For the greatest achievements come in response to the greatest challenges. When the going gets rough, you are most certainly in the presence of profound opportunity.

    When there is much that must be done, there is enormous value waiting to be created. Step boldly forward and claim that value.

    Whatever may come, whatever may seem to block your path, choose to keep moving. There are truly magnificent rewards just on the other side of your persistent efforts.

    -- Ralph Marston
  • Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing Penny. Hope to see you in 2010 at VOICE!
  • What a profound analogy, Penny, and beautifully said! Thank you for this today.Glad you had a wonderful vacation. I know it was much deserved!
  • Food 4 Thought

    Get out the blankets – it’s getting cold!

    There are some advantages to getting old – yes, there really are. From someone who is in the “Senior” group, I find that the years past have taught me so many great lessons. For a younger person (without the benefit of seeing how things pan out as the years go by) it’s easy to get lost in the everyday disappointments and mistakes that we make. Here’s the way a “seasoned” woman chooses to look at her mistakes and regrets.

    When I was little, I lived in a community where quilting was still something ladies did when they got together. I remember watching my mother and grandmother sitting around a large quilting frame creating some of the most amazing works of art I’ve ever seen. But the first step (before they started to quilt) was to create the squares that would come together in the finished product. I was always enthralled with how those large stacks of squares eventually made such a beautiful, comforting, warm quilt. And I could hardly wait to see it completed.

    To use a metaphor, I look at my life as one of those elegantly designed quilts. Some of the squares are absolutely beautiful (my birth, learning to play the piano, dancing lessons, becoming a Cheerleader, finding the love of my life, our wedding, the birth of our children, our grandchildren, my friends, discovering voice over, the list goes on and on and on.) But there are other squares that aren’t quite so pretty, happy or positive. I won’t share them with you, but we all have them. They represent disappointment, mistakes, sorrows, loss, etc. They are lots of things I’d like to take back if only I could.

    But here’s where the maturity thing comes in . . . I know now that ALL the squares are necessary. Every, single one. Without all the squares (happiness and sadness) my quilt is incomplete. Often the things that challenge us the most turn out to be the most valuable squares of all. When I look back now I can see clearly that even the mistakes, disappointments and regrets were absolutely necessary to bring me to where I am now. And I really like where I am now.

    So, just give it some thought this week. Even though it’s difficult to embrace a mistake or sorrow when it happens, know that even the square (or situation) you are currently working on is helping you craft a beautiful, warm, blanket for your life - complete in every way – that will be an amazing comfort to you as you grow older. And that’s something we ALL do!

    Big hugs to you all!

  • Thank you Penny for your inspirational personal narrative. As my cousin, Randy Pausch, said "Brick walls are there to stop the people that don't want it badly enough...they're there for the other people." We at Voice Universe do want it badly enough - that's why we're here.
    I look forward to participating with this group. Ah...the power of positive thinking!

    Lynne Darlington
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