A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Brilliant Connie - thanks SO much!

    Hey guys - We're only 10 members away from 500! Can you believe it?? I am SO JAZZED!


  • Thank you for the advice, it's a very inspiring thought! I can actually see myself getting rid of those ANTS and going a step closer to my goals.
  • Great advice and reminders about ANTS how to get rid of them and not allow them to return. Thanks!
  • Spraying will help but so will squashing the little buggers as soon as you notice them. If that first A.N.T. never returns to the nest, and you've cleaned up any evidence of his trail, the next A.N.T. will have difficulty finding its way into your mind.
    Take it from someone who has experienced the term "bug in your ear" literally. An ant (the real kind) had crawled into my ear while I was sleeping, and made so much noise that I woke up because I heard it milling around in there. Of course, I didn't know it was an ant which made it 10 times worse as I imagined all the things this "whatever it was" was doing in my ear. And I could feel it too, which really creeped me out. (When you live in the foothills, there's no telling what crawls in through the screened windows.)
    Back to the point, like the ant in my ear, your pessimistic thoughts will amplify whatever negative thoughts you already have, you will then focus on how stupid you may look if you need to ask for help. You decide to ignore it, thinking it will eventually go away but your skin will continue to crawl knowing that A.N.T. is still there eating you up inside.
    I say, take the positive approach, grab a swab, a tissue, your courage and rip that A.N.T. from your mind. Then really show him who's boss and not only spray him with PPT (Powerful Positive Thoughts) but squash him good, so any thoughts to return will be terminated.
    You are not an anthill, you are a mantis. And you ARE stronger than those annoying A.N.T.s!
    As for the ant in my ear I know being proactive helped. I showed him the light, by putting my ear up to my bed lamp to show him the way out (I felt stupid doing it but...), as I felt it scurry towards the light, I ran to the sink and flushed him out of my mind forever. True story.
    Squash your A.N.T.s, your mind will thank you.
  • Penny.....no "ants in my pants" thanks to you....you always seem to come up with some real good "mantras" if you will.....thanks again for just being you....Mike
  • ANT.gif

    Are ANTS bugging you? Does it feel like they’re taking over your life? I’m not referring to pesky critters that ruin picnics and routinely invade our homes.

    These pests are:

    Automatic Negative Thoughts

    ANTS are the thoughts that immediately pop into your brain whenever you want to try something new, take a chance, go on an adventure, talk to a stranger, ask for directions, demand a refund, ask for advice or ask a question, ask for more money, or ask for the job, etc. It happens whenever you step out of your comfort zone in any way and the list can be endless! It’s anytime you make an unconscious decision to let a negative thought win out over a positive one.

    So how do we get rid of the ANTS in our minds? The same way you get rid of those nasty little insects in your house! SPRAY!

    You can spray them with PPT! Powerful Positive Thoughts!

    When the first thought in your head is something like, “Oh! I can’t ask that question! The producer will think I’m stupid!” Then the ANT is winning!

    Try this thought instead: “I am a professional and professionals ask questions. Only amateurs assume they know everything!”

    “I’d really like to submit this audition, but why should I even try? Someone else will get it anyway.” There’s that ANT again!

    Try: “Every audition I submit brings me closer to the producer who’s looking for me!”

    “I can’t ask for union scale for this VO job! I’m just a beginner!” BIG ANT!

    Try: “No one knows that I am a beginner unless I tell them! I know I can do a great job on this project and I should receive appropriate pay.”

    If every time you want to try something new you hear negative thoughts first, it’s evidence that you’ve programmed your brain to react in this manner. Even if you had (or have) someone very negative in your life, it’s still your brain that’s doing the programming, so take responsibility! You and you alone are in control of your thoughts. If you’ve programmed your mind to immediately embrace the negative thought in a situation, you can certainly RE-program it to follow another, more productive path. It’s really ALL about programming and only YOU can do it!

    If you’re thinking about attending VOICE 2010, don’t let the ANTS keep you away. Oh, they’ll try, with negative thoughts like, “You can’t afford it!”, or “Everyone there will be more accomplished or more successful than you!”, or You’re a poser! You’re not good enough to hob-knob with the pros!” You may have to spray them pretty aggressively with PPT, but with some concentrated effort you can eradicate these little "buggers" and make your way to one of the best experiences you’ll have in your VO career.

    There are NO limitations except those you place on yourself!
  • Adam,

    All my thoughts and prayers will be with your Uncle and your family.

  • Adam,

    My little bro and shipmate... I'm using my voice for you where it counts - in prayers. How else can I help? While the miles sepreate us, I'm only a phone call away.

  • My dearest friend, Adam,

    This is such a difficult time for you and I know how you must be hurting. Of course, your uncle will be included in my daily prayers.

    What wonderful comments you have received from your friends here at VU. They are so supportive and you can just feel the compassion and love they are sending your way with their positive energy.

    I wish I was there to give you a real hug, but until we meet again know that I am sending you lots of "pink bubbles" (translation....good thoughts) and that I will be thinking of you. Please let us know how your uncle is doing.


  • My prayers and thoughts are with you as well. My grandfather died of lung cancer many years ago, not from smoking, but from working in coal and clay mines most of his life.
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