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  • Attended Day-1 of a Leadership Summit with 160,000 others today. Quote from Gary Hamel "Don't confuse the edge of your rut with the horizon"

    with gratitude, David
  • Hi Penny!

    Hope you have a lovely, well-deserved relaxing holiday!

    Take care
  • Thanks for the well-wishes all! Keep up the group while I'm gone, will ya?

    Big hugs,


    p.s. YES you can, Miles!
  • Penny,

    Enjoy the vacation!
  • Hey family, I look forward to adding positive energy to the group. I booked my 1st gig since setting up my own studio (thx u September & Mr O). Also landed 2 agents, just doing like the little train who coud. remember "I think i can, I think i can, I know I can...
  • Hey Penny have a great vacation. Lofty.
  • Food 4 Thought

    Weird News
    Taxi patrons allowed to decide their fare

    ESSEX, Vt. - When Eric Hagen started "Recession Tide Taxi" in Essex, Vt., he took more questions than fares.

    Everyone wanted to know if the sign reading "Pay What You Want!" on the back of his taxi was for real. It is, and Hagen says he hasn't been short-changed yet.
    Most of his transactions are in cash. But he's also gotten a CD from a musician and a $10 supermarket card.

    I chose to share this story with you for a couple of reasons. First, when I read it I thought, "Wow, wouldn't it be great if that actually worked?" And second I realized that in our economy it would probably only work on a small scale. You'd have to posses a great deal of confidence to market your product or service in this way! Can you imagine doing this with VO work?

    Jim attended a weekend workshop recently on marketing. The instructor told them there was no charge for the class but that when it was over, he would expect a check or cash for whatever they thought what they had learned was worth. They guy does this all the time and he's making millions of dollars. Perhaps confidence in your abilities is the key.

    Anyway folks, I just wanted to share the story with you. It kind of tickled me when I read it. I can imagine the looks on people's faces when they got in that cab - can't you?

    Have a wonderful week!! I'm off on vacation until the 16th - so I'll be talking to you then!


  • A voice actor friend of ours and member of this group is in Guatemala.
    Yesterday a group of volunteers left Oklahoma City to fly into the Central American country of Guatemala. Dr. Bill Brewer and other Medical Missionaries are bringing bottles of medicine, latex gloves, bandages and anything else they can pack along with them, to provide basic health care to natives in rural areas.

    Please follow Bill and his group through this daily blog http://blog.newsok.com/newsroom/ Pray not only for their safe journey and but that they touch the people they meet in life changing way.

    On behalf of our friend and fellow voiceover actor Bill Brewer and his group…Thank You!
  • Tom,

    It would be my honor to give you a cookie!

    Would you like to speak over the telephone, or did you want to send something to me to listen to - or both? I will be traveling beginning August 6th until the 16th so time is a little tight----BUT, I'll find time for ya, kid! Just let me know.


  • Penny,
    Having just joining the VO Universe and being invited to be part of this group has been a true blessing. I have always been able to find that "silver lining" for even some of the worst events. Even bad things make you a better person as long as you learn. After 26 years in the high tech industry, I find myself unemployed and having to look for a job. While it has been serious impact to my family as well as myself, I have grown from it.

    I have done VO work for over 10 years, which isn't much compared to others around here, but it was always part of my "day job". Always around technical subjects through pod and web casts as well as recordings for training along with live presentations around the world.

    Loosing the job has actually enabled me to really focus on something I really enjoy doing. I am still trying to get my bearings in this industry and even though my VO coach tells me I have great pipes, I sometimes wonder. Practice, Practice, Practice and auditioning as much as I can. I know my hardwork will pay off eventually.

    I would like to get an "oreo" from you if you don't mind.

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