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  • I am grateful for my dog, and the beautiful sun that shines everyday!! :)
  • The video is really lovely, Bryan - thanks for sharing!
  • I ran acroos this...it will make anyone feel better no matter how bad the mood..I'm grateful for the folks that come up with this kind of stuff. I put the video up on my little blog http://bigbry.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/bad-mood-watch-this/
  • I'm grateful to have my children around me; to know they are old enough to be somewhat independent, yet young enough to want a hug from dad when they're down. :D
  • I am grateful for good friends a loving husband and a growing business!

    The Red Head
  • I am very grateful that my choice to stay home with my children and do voice overs from my home is really working out...not to mention the great support I get from my family and friends!

    I've just been taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the lovely trees surrounding our
    studio - watching the leaves dance playfully in the breeze from my office window - and feeling a great deal of gratitude to live in such a glorious place as San Diego!

    WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? Please share with us!


  • You are invited to "become a fan" at my new FaceBook Fan Page. http://bit.ly/178D5P If I missed adding something that would be kinda fun, just let me know. With gratitude, David
  • Derek,

    Do we get to see Part 2, as well ---- pretty please?
  • Per Penny's request, I am posting this latest addition to my voiceover blog. Thanks for the encouragement Penny.

    In 1st grade, most kids could care less about anything outside of the sandbox. 'News' and 'Current Events' weren't exactly the buzz words found in our weekly spelling lists. With the passing of Walter Cronkite this week, I found myself taken back to the time in my life when I first developed my passion for using my voice and communicating with the spoken word. I may not have fully realized it at the time, but Cronkite's persona and ability to engage the viewer/listener actually helped me to think 'out of the (sand)box' at a young age.

    As a kid, I remember seeing the man on the TV who reminded me of Captain Kangaroo. He wore thick, black-framed glasses and sounded a bit like the walrus on one of my favorite cartoons. At age 7, I didn't understand half of what he was talking about, but by the way he said it, and the way he had my parents seemingly hanging on every word, I knew that whatever he was saying must have been important.

    I learned that this deep-voiced and serious looking man was informing us of the events of the day. He had such a way of telling his stories that I felt like he was talking directly to my family in our living room. I thought it was so cool that this one guy could be telling me just what was happening in the world. No wonder he seemed to be so important.

    Later that year, I had to get glasses. Traumatic, yes. But, when the eye doctor showed me the case of frames from which I could choose, I knew exactly what I was looking for.

    The next day at school, I strolled into the classroom donning my thick, black-framed specs that looked just like the ones that the important guy on TV wore every night when he peered into my living room to tell me what I needed to know. I thought I was now the most important person in the 1st grade. Unfortunately, my self-prescribed importance was lost on a class who obviously didn't know who the important guy on TV was, or perhaps didn't understand the importance of what he had to say each and every night. No, I quickly learned that unless you know how to read and communicate something of importance, you are just a thick, black-framed, glasses-wearing dork in the 1st grade.

    (Tomorrow, pt. 2)
    Derek Chappell - The Voice of Your Business
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