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  • Oh that's GREAT, Ken! Loved reading about these two guys. Thanks!


  • I borrowed this from one of emails. it's a newletter from little known fact show. A quick story about 2 guys that worked hard to make a name for themselves.

    They were called the odd couple by those who knew them. And I guess they were. Probably because of the way they acted most of the time. But, really they were just a couple of nice friendly Englishmen living in London trying to make it.

    Jeff was the noisy one, or at least the one who would talk the most. It was said that he talked all the time. Spencer, he wasn’t exactly quiet, it was just that compared to Jeff, he seemed that way.

    No one doubted they were good friends. They lived in the same run-down little apartment just off Lynn Street, not too far from the theater district, which is pretty much where you want to be if you are trying to make it in the theater.

    It was said by one of their contemporaries that Jeff was the serious modern actor and Spence was more classical. Spence tried out for every Shakespearian part that came along. And while Jeff wasn’t into Shakespeare, if something that had been written within the last 20 years was up for production, then he was there.

    The boys had their own self-assigned duties, according to Lydia Farnham. She lived down the hall from the boys and spent many a day with them. Jeff was the cook and Spence was the lookout and detractor. You see, cooking wasn’t allowed in their building, but the boys couldn’t afford to eat out all the time. So Jeff would cook, and Spence would play the violin very loudly, to cover the sizzle sound of the cooking. If someone approached, he would alert Jeff, then go and distract the person until Jeff could get cleaned up.

    All in all, things didn’t work out too well for the boys in London, so they packed their bags and headed off for New York. Again, the boys lived together in the Big Apple. Things looked brighter there for Jeff, but Spence couldn’t find a thing. So off they went to Hollywood, which was just coming into its own. There the world seemed new. Hollywood offered something the traditional stage did not: access, via motion pictures, to a kind of patron that the legitimate theater never had, the everyday public.

    And when the man and woman on the street saw the boys and their extraordinary talents on film, nothing was ever the same again. No. They didn’t act together. They each found their own style and claim to fame. Yet they remained close fast friends forever, those two former roommates.

    It’s a Little Known Fact that two young men who couldn’t make it in the legitimate theater of London and New York found fortune and everlasting fame on the big screen. But I can only imagine what that little apartment must have been like with the two of them living together. It must have been a hoot. Stan Jefferson changed his name to Stan Laurel and later teamed up with a fellow named Oliver Hardy. And Spence, well, he kept most of his name, but he dropped the Spencer part of it. He was just called Charlie Chaplin.
  • Penny – thanks for the Tips for a Prosperous Summer. I am just stepping back into the world of VO after a 10+ work hiatus. Some days I believe in myself and my goals, but it can be difficult as I begin to connect with folks in a new town. I appreciate your positive comments and the opportunity to make positive connections with others in the VO community. I am looking forward to Voice 2010.
  • I'm doing the character of a talking tree. She's intelligent, mature, inviting, and fun. I am so happy and grateful to have so much work come my way recently. Money is truly coming to me from any and all directions. VO, massage, unexpected gifts, I have abundance and wealth.
  • I am so excited and looking forward to spending time connecting and supporting my other fellow voice over artists @Voice2010. Thank you to Penny & Jim for being such a positive driving force in this fabulous business that we all know and love.
  • Food 4 Thought

    Sent to me by my good friend Carolyn Gross www.creativelifesolutions.com

    Give away your extras, re-design yourself and your life.

    Don't buy cheap unless you want to feel cheap.

    Don’t make up excuses about why you can't accomplish or receive

    Donate and Tithe. Make sure to give your money (and your time) to those who stimulate
    and lift you up!!!

    If you have something to resolve with someone, call them today.

    Bring a smile to any trial and see what good you can find.


    a) Work and money flows to me easily and effortlessly
    b) I willingly cooperate with people and situations and am always fairly treated and paid
    c) I am open and ready to receive blessings
    d) I'm not striving, I'm thriving!
  • Dear Doug,

    How very nice of you, dear man. You really know how to make my day. :-)


    p.s. I have a BIG smile on my face right now, thanks to you!
  • Dictonary.com offers one definitions of “give” as “…to be warm and open in relationships with other persons”. Could there be a more suitable verb than “give” to use when describing both Voice 2010 and Jim and Penny. From the offer of friendship from Penny within hours of my joining VU to Jim’s exhaustive research for his book to the free teleseminars like the one I learned from tonight to the extraordinary organizational efforts to put on Voice. Thank you for giving all that you do.
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  • VOICE 2010 will be great for all members of this "Positive Universe" ! Congratulations to Penny & Jim for presenting another conference. More than just "rubbing elbows," I love the meeting of the minds, and the information and resources and real help from some remarkably talented, kind and giving professionals. VOICE 2010 will help anyone on this path to be better and move their career forward.

    I'm grateful for all the work everyone did to put together the fabulous VOICE 2008 - I look forward to VOICE 2010!
  • I'd love to be there... Right now it seems impossible, but I've come to learn that one should expect the unexpected. So... HOPE to see you guys there :-)
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