A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Poppa Tweets? Yep, never say never but Poppa Tweets! Please feel free to "follow" and with your OK I would love to "follow" you as well. With gratitude, David
  • aw shucks... who else thought that post was going to be about me?

  • Hey you, strikingly handsome, eloquent, debonair and oh so modest guy!

    Your wonderful words spoken on mic at VOICE 2010 were SO heartfelt and genuine we simply had to save you until the end of the video - and you were perfect, my friend!

    I am so looking forward to seeing you next June!! Take care and we'll see you soon! You (and your fellow Australians) have a standing invitation to the Penthouse for strawberries and champagne!

    Big hugs,

  • Penny what a beautiful inspiration the Johnny video is. Thankyou, Lofty
  • Hi Jim and Penny,
    I'm so looking forward to VOICE 2010. Great job on the video Jim,a particularly good move including that strikingly handsome, eloquent, debonair and oh so modest guy right at the end :-)
    Cheers Positive Thinkers see you in L.A
  • Hi Penny!

    I'm "In" in more ways than I can count!

    Thanks for the warm invitation and your kind words of reinforcement. I have no idea when I'll be able to come down and see both you and James before VOICE 2010, but, I'm working on it!

    My official dream started in 1995 with my first introductory lecture on the VO industry. I had no idea that was what they called this wonderful exercise. Since then I have dealt with much more than just negative thoughts. The instability of a day job, a family life that wasn't ready to take risks as much as I was. Moving from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon and leaving access to coaches and continued instruction (so I thought).

    Speaking of age not being a factor, I cut my first demos this last March and I was amazed to discover how far into the future my career potential is!!! I'll be turning 44 years old this month and my demos sound like I'm 30!!! It'll be 15 years before I can do a decent 'elderly' voice!

    I'm a rookie only in the business sense; as this is a dream now coming true that has literally been a lifetime in the making. Analyzing copy, rehearsing many alternate takes, finding the message within and performing with my voice is something that comes so naturally, I really hesitate to call it work. I can no longer imagine failure, just building successful relationships and helping projects be the best they can be!!!

    I look forward to some wonderful interactions and discussions with you and the other group members.

    Thanks again for all that you do to support the VO community and onwards and upwards!


    Bill Sleeper
    The Voice That's Yours!
  • Derek,

    You are such a wonderful example of positive thinking AND actions! I have been so lucky to accompany you on part of your journey.

    It is so gratifying to know that our classes have helped you to realize this dream! And that VOICE 2008 was such a great experience for you!

    Can't wait to get started on your demo! WHOO HOO!

    It's only the beginning! Here's to a very bright future, dear friend!

    Happy 4th!


  • Penny,

    Thanks to you and Jim and your ability to help me think positively, I have taken yet another step toward experiencing my dream, to be a voiceactor. I now have my own blog and I wanted to share with other members of POSITIVE THINKERS UNITE my initial post:

    Is it a coincidence that I start this blog on Independence day? No. In 2007,
    I declared my independence from the voices in my head that were telling me
    that this was a crazy idea. I was literally drawn to a website that has
    changed my life. That website was www.voiceacting.com, run by James Alburger
    and Penny Abshire. I knew that I always wanted to pursue my passion of
    voiceover work, but never thought I could. That was until I attended a class
    in San Diego, taught by Jim and Penny, that not only allowed me to realize I
    COULD do this, but it also allowed me to meet some wonderful people that
    have changed my life.

    Desire is a very strong emotion. It creates the power from within that
    allows you to acknowledge your dreams and have the courage to chase them. I
    had that desire long before I flew to San Diego in 2007, but it was that
    spark of power from within that allowed me to be able to say, "at least I

    Since 2007, I have attended many more classes, was fortunate to travel to LA
    for the Incredible Voice 2008 conference, made friends with some of the most
    talented people in this business, built my own home studio, spent hours in
    that studio..practicing this craft, built a website (with the help of
    Village Green Studios), and now am embarking on the latest piece of the
    shameless, self-marketing puzzle, the Blog.

    That leaves the #1 piece still uncompleted: The Demo. In the next few weeks,
    my demo will be produced with Jim and Penny's guidance and expertise. I
    can't wait. I am excited because even without a demo to date, I've already
    had the opportunity to voice numerous commercials for a local radio station,
    produce a daily sports calendar, written copy for numerous local
    advertisers, voiced documentaries for hospital and church videos, provided
    the PA for High School and College Sports, and been asked to emcee a number
    of local charity events.

    The desire burns strong. It creates the power. The power creates the
    opportunity. It's what you do when given the opportunity that shows your
    true character. I thank you for showing the interest in reading this far
    along and hope you will continue to join me for what I guarantee will be a
    fun and rewarding ride.

    -Derek Chappell
    The Voice of Your Business
  • Have a wonderful, fun and safe 4th of July everyone. May the weekend bring you joy and happiness. Give someone you love a hug! Happy Birthday America.

    Have a vocal day!

  • Dear Helena!

    You are SO right! My little granddaughters remind of how wonderful and positive the world can be every time I'm around them! Everything is possible in their minds. If only we could retain that as adults - imagine how different the world would be!

    Welcome to our little group - so glad you joined us!


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