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  • WHOO HOO!!!!! Let's hear it for mature women!!!!

    I'm so proud of you! I've always thought stand up would be a kick, but I have never had the nerve to try. I applaud you!

    And great news about the radio station! You just never know where or when opportunity will knock, do ya?

    Congrats and hugs,

  • I chalked another one off my bucket list on Sunday....I did stand up comedy at a comedy club. The comedy night was a fund raiser Cops for Kids. I got asked to do another comedy night next month. And...the event was sponsored by a radio station. The radio DJ that was heading up the gig checked out my web site and asked that I come into the staion to talk possiblities for VO. All this happend to be on my 52 birthday. I think I may have hit my stride.
  • I hear ya, I have a lot of friends who have gone to Gold Wings or Trikes and all for the same creature comforts. Love your husbands name by way and I'm thinking he should put a pinstripe on your bike "Harley's Gold Wing". If that's not a conversation starter...
  • David,

    My hubby whose name (interestingly) is Harley, has ridden Harleys for years. But now that we've gotten older we find that our Gold Wing is much more comfortable for long rides. Ah, the things you give up as you age.

    Actually, riding on the Gold Wing is a lot like riding in our Lincoln - very posh! Padded seats, helmets with 2-way microphones....heck, it even has a cup holder! I have to admit, it is a lot easier on my old bones.
  • Thanks, Penny... a 2003 Road King Classic. We will absolutely enjoy it, thanks again and thank you for what you do for all of us. with gratitude, david
  • Happy B-Day, David! Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day you have planned! Enjoy it to the fullest!

    What kind of Harley do you ride?


  • That's awesome Fletch...please wish her a Happy Birthday for me. I think I remember turning 50...wait, hold on.... hmmm nope I don't :-)
  • You share a birthday with my wife Dave. The big 5-0.

    Best wishes!

  • Thank you all for your kind kind words about our grandson and YEP grandkids are the best, no doubt. Taking the day off today for my birthday. My wife and I are riding my Harley up to the top of Rocky National Park. 12,000 feet and you can see forever. That's right after my father in law buys me breakfast, so another fabulous day. Nice to be a fully employed VO guy to be able to do this kinda stuff when you want. Hope you take a moment to breathe, smile, and appreciate all that is good in your life today. I sure am one blessed boy.
  • Congratulations, Grandpa!

    Grandkids truly are a blessing!



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