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  • I too have freinds in that area I have forwarded this video to. My thoughts and prayers are with Julie and the family for the safe return of Justine.
  • Hi, I have relatives in the Atlanta/Marietta area that I'll pass the video along to. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and your family Julie!
  • Julie, Our prayers are with you.
  • I am sending my thoughts and prayers for a safe and happy return.
  • I sent the video on as well.
  • no promises, but I have a friend in that area I sent the video to...

    Hi all,

    As you may or may not have heard, the daughter of Julie Martin (my agent in Atlanta) is missing. Terry Daniel has put together this video which gives all the particulars. Please take moment to watch it. Perhaps there's someone out there who has seen Justine or may have information about her disappearance.

    Julie is a great person and I know she's got to just be frantic with worry. Please send her lots of comforting and positive thoughts for the safe and quick return of her daughter.


  • David, You baffle easily.
  • How many B's is that Bill? Boy am I Baffled By all that :-)
  • Hey David, I have changed my Tweeter name to BigBoldBillVO
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