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  • I get a newsletter that covers this kind of thinking, very handy and very true. The world is what we make it and desire it to be.

    Thank you for sharing these videos Penny, it was a great reinforcement!

    I just found two videos featuring actor, Will Smith, that you will LOVE! It's no wonder this man is successful!

    This one is the best interview, but not the best video/audio

    This one is great too.

    I suggest you check them out! We have much to learn from this positive thinking actor!


  • Dale, Breath of fresh air...Thanx. Nice weekend all!
  • What a lovely story for our Positive Thinkers to take into their weekend! Now that's success!

    Thanks so much, Dale!


  • Hello, positive thinkers!

    I wanted to contribute a story to the group, one that involves someone I first met in college many moons ago, who entered a profession that is at least as tough to break into as voice acting.

    I first met Shelly due to our mutual interest in acting and singing in musicals. We got to know each other slightly, but weren't close friends. She was (I think) a Textiles Design major, but her real passion was music. She could sing well and played both piano and guitar. She was also gorgeous, which had something to do with her winning Miss Maryland (she was in the Miss America pageant the last year that Bert Parks hosted it, but didn't make the cut).

    Shortly thereafter, much to my surprise, she contacted me. It turned out she was also an aspiring songwriter, and she wanted to record a demo. She knew I could play guitar and sing, so she asked me to put together a band to back her. I took her up on it and put together a couple of fraternity brothers, teaching one of them to play the bass (he still plays it professionally today).

    She played me some of her songs, which were mostly in the Carly Simon/Karla Bonoff soft-rock mode--not my favorite stuff at the time, but I immediately recognized that her songs were very well-crafted. So I worked out some arrangements, and for the next few months we practiced a lot and played a handful of gigs (the oddest was another beauty pageant--being backstage was a *very* eye-opening experience--but that's another story!). Eventually we ended up in a studio, where we cut a half-dozen or so of her songs.

    Not long afterwards, our paths parted, as I was moving to Florida and she to New York City. We kept in touch intermittently, and she told me that she had decided to chuck the fashion business and make a concerted effort to succeed as a songwriter. When I called her a couple of years later, she was excited that she had sold a song to Taylor Dayne (80s singer for you youngsters...) called "Tell It To Your Heart." I was happy for her, but then I got married and really lost touch with her, knowing only that she had moved to LA.

    Years passed. Fatherhood came (twice!), and I took a hiatus from my computer geek career to stay home with my kids while my wife became the breadwinner. Eventually, in a spare moment, I thought--hmmm...whatever happened to Shelly?
    Had she ever sold any more songs?

    The results of a Google search left me slack-jawed with amazement. She had co-written two #1 hits for Christina Aguilera ("What A Girl Wants" and "Come On Over"), been nominated for a Grammy for co-writing Meredith Brooks' #2 hit "Bitch," and had dozens of songs recorded by everyone from Cliff Richard and Celine Dion to the Pretenders and Reba McIntire! Yowza!

    I managed to get in touch with her through her publisher, and we caught up on our respective marriages, children and the present whereabouts of old college friends. About five years ago she came to the East Coast for a college reunion and I got to see her in the flesh (still looks stunning--I could probably be persuaded to post a picture). BTW her full name is Shelly Peiken--not a household name, unless you're a fellow songwriter, but famous enough for me!

    So.....to everyone who's struggled against a heavily-stacked deck in the VO world--remember, dreams *can* come true!

    Break a leg, everyone!
  • From the mouths of babes......such wisdom and pure appreciation!

    We can all take a lesson from Andy's precious little WIlliam! You go right ahead and brag, Daddy! You have every right to be proud!


  • Spoiler: Proud father remarks follow.
    My 3 year old, William, just had 2 temporary pins and his arm cast removed after breaking his arm just above the elbow a month ago. In spite of the obvious fear of what the doctor was going to do this little one was really brave... and everything's just great now (back on the bicycle)
    What was beautiful was that he said afterwards "Doctor helped me, thank you." He's growing up bilingual, and somehow I'm just so proud of him to have said that. (Fortunately our Turkish doctor is bilingual too, so appreciate the remark.)
    In our busy voice world sometimes it's the simple things that we say which count the most, isn't it?
  • Hi Penny! Thanks for the toxic personalities discussion. I agree with the premise that these people should be avoided as much as possible. I have been surrounded by so many of these personalities since chikldhood. They can and almost did destroy me, but, I guess that I am a survivor. I make it a point to get away from these individuals if at all possible. It's nice to know that we all have more or less the same hurdles in our lives in one form or another which gives me some kind of comfort. Hope it helps all of us really. Carol
  • Thanks for sharing Penny! I must admit, I avoid these toxic personalities but have never thought about the "why" until I read that post. For the most part, I avoid them for fear of catching what they have.

    A very successful friend of mine once told me, "You are the product of what you read, what you listen to, and the people you associate with." He's right. And your post helped me gain a deeper understanding of it.
  • Good article. Also somewhat connected-I add a bit of wisdom given me: He who angers, controls you.
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