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  • If the voices in my head are like a "commitee" some days I just need to go Apprentice on them and say: "YOUR FIRED!"
    And then some of the other voices in my head are creative geniuses and they get points for the ideas and observations that make life so interesting.
    Thanks Penny for the reality check of acknowledging and controlling those voices that some days come at me like a crowd with pitch forks. In fact sometimes they are not in my head at all, but are making their voices heard by ventriloquism from loved ones that don't realize they have such a talent to make me believe the voices are real. That is one of the reasons I appreciate this VO community here. It's like the saying on a keychain my sister once gave me "I am in a world of my own, but it's ok, everybody there knows me" Thank you all for being in my world.
  • we are so blessed...to be here, now. Thank you Penny for keeping us focused on what's important.

    Since the "Voices in our Heads" tend to be negative - let's give them something to do!

    The Voice Employment Office

    Arrgh! How can I get these voices to shut up??
    Some days it seems those voices in your head gnaw at you constantly with wonderful little insights like, “Why did you make that mistake, you idiot? What’s wrong with you?” Or, “Don’t even try that audition, they won’t like you anyway – you really aren’t that good - you don’t want to embarrass yourself, do you?” Or, the ever-popular, “You are never going to make it in this business; there are too many other people out there who are better than you!”

    Sound familiar? It should. We all have these voices in our heads. One of the things that help us achieve success is how we deal with them. I’ve found over the years that if I try to ignore the negative voices, they just get louder – screaming in fact - for attention! So I have developed a couple of techniques to give them the attention they crave and keep them under control.

    Acknowledge they exist and are very real to you. They are real and they’ve been hurting you for years! When they offer their opinions, calmly tell them, “Thank you for sharing . . . now GO AWAY, I’m doing it anyway!” I often do this out loud, but I wouldn’t suggest it in a public place….

    (Or as one of my British friends put it, “You should wave as they walk by, but don’t invite them in for tea!”)

    Two things will happen when you do this. Because they are now being acknowledged (given a place on the stage so to speak), they will become quieter with their negative input and will eventually stop all together.

    Give them jobs. II was recently asked by a student how to get rid of the voices or at least quiet them to some degree. I asked him, “Why not just give them each a job? If they have something constructive to do, then they will have neither the time nor the inclination to abuse you.”

    Think about your own, personal voices for a moment knowing that we each have similar voices that speak to us. They are sometimes referred to as “The Committee.” For example:

    1. The JUDGE who cheerfully points out every single mistake and reinforces our insecurities at every turn. He takes great delight in this power.

    2. The MOM. She only wants to protect us and she tells us it’s okay not to try. She soothes us and gives us permission to “just be safe, dear” and by doing so, nurtures us away far from the path of success.

    3. The DRILL SERGEANT. He tells us we are good for nothing – basically a waste of skin! And he does so with extremely abusive and hurtful language designed specially to cause the greatest degree of pain.

    4. The CRITIC. He points out what we’ve done incorrectly but (unlike the Judge) he encourages us to try again. (I love my critic – she keeps me going in the right direction)

    5. The CHILD. He’s just plain scared. He can’t take the first step and is practically paralyzed with fear. This voice generally represents a traumatic event that may have happened in your childhood. Or your child may be one that just wants to play all the time instead of doing the necessary work.

    There are many other “voices”, but these are the some of the most dominate voices in my head. Yours may be similar or completely different. There are others like; the cheerleader, the prankster, the bully, the teacher, etc. Who populates your “Committee?”

    When you are developing characters for your scripts, think of how you can use each of these voices. What does your “Judge” sound like? What does his look like? What is his attitude? What is his vocal placement? How does he hold his body when he’s passing out his judgments? After you have a feel for him then start thinking about where he might fit in your stable of characters. He might play the role of a politician, a professor, a banker, a doctor, or attorney, even a police officer.

    What does your “Mom” sound like? Is she young or old? Does she have high energy or is she very quiet and shy? How does she hold her body when she is taking care of you or protecting you? Is she an upbeat young mom who is telling an audience about peanut butter? Is she genuinely concerned about her child and his safety? Is she a lonely spinster whose only children are her cats? Would she do anything to protect them?

    How about the “Drill Sergeant?” Maybe he or she is an abusive boss or parent, the chairman of the board, the bully who used to beat up on you on the playground, the head master of your school, your mother-in-law…..?

    Your “Critic” could be a counselor or therapist, a teacher, a religious leader, or a caring and trusted friend. It’s probably someone whose opinion you value greatly.

    And the “Child?” She may be scared, but she loves to play! If you can capture your inner child, and give her full permission to play - WOW! You have a plethora of characters to choose from!

    Get the idea? If the voices are there any way (and they surely are), why not use them to help you create wonderful, believable characters for your voice work? If you are (or are going to be) an accomplished voice actor, you must learn the importance of having rich characters from which to choose when you approach any script. Using this method, you won’t have to imagine the characters – you already have an entire cast of them living between your ears!

    No one on this planet knows your voices better than you do. So, take some positive action – TAKE CONTROL of your voices!! They’ll be thankful for the “work” and (ultimately) so will you - for the work they bring you!
  • The last lecture: what would you want to tell people if you knew you life expectancy was low? What would you do?

    This is a truely inspirational presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9ya9BXClRw

    As a father, this video really moved me.

    Thanks to Penny for helping me with the link (I originally saw it with Turkish subtitles)...
  • Hi Everybody! Penny wanted me to make sure you head over to my page and check out my blog about Positve Living! I hope you like it!
  • Okay then, Earl Grey - hot.

    We'll "make it so..."

    Just saw the movie - OMG! I LOVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it!
  • Well thank you Penny! I Try...I'm a very Trying Person...just ask my ex-wives! I am sure we will meet one day but just make it a Tea for me. I gave up drinking over 13 years ago. Bout the same time I gave up Dungeons & Dragons! lol!

    And a Happy joyous Mothers day to you Penny!
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Oh you guys are great! Your posts just MAKE MY DAY!

    Ken, Mike and John - thanks so much for your sweet compliments and lovely thoughts on this Mother's Day.

    Nichole, you are a jewel! I LOVED reading your post about Star Trek - it made me laugh out loud because I can so relate! I am also going to see the new movie for my Mother's Day Treat. I think I'll wear my communicator badge too (yes, I really do have one!)

    And John - you are great and very funny. We must meet someday. The first Romulan Ale is on me!!


  • As one Trekker to another..."Quch Sos'k Jaj!" (Happy Mothers Day in Klingonee). Realizing your a Trekker/Trekkie is the first step on the road to recovery and acceptance. Embrace your inner Starfleet Officer and revel in the comraderie that only Trekkers can understand and appreciate. You're going to be all right!

    Live Long and Prosper! Your service honors us!
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