A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Penny - Thanks so much for the e-book to celebrate 400 members strong! Most of all, thank you for keeping us headed in the right direction with positive thoughts and encouragement! I am drawn to your positive energy and appreciate all the advice and encouragement!
  • Food 4 Thought - kinda....

    Actually there is no message this week, other than this. Remember last week when we celebrated 400 members and I told you I'd be sending you something FREE this week? Well, here it is folks.


    I've compiled a little book of this past year's Food 4 Thought posts as a memento (and special thanks) to all of you. It includes all the weekly postings I've done - plus some new things you haven't seen before. It's called Food 4 Thought - Nourishment for the Positive Thinker! All you have to do to receive the instructions for downloading the e-book is to send an email to ptu@voiceacting.com You'll receive an auto responder that will give you the info.
    But wait - there more! (I've always wanted to say that....)

    When you get to the page for downloading the e-book, you'll see I'm also giving you>LOTS of other free things (including audio of the VOICE 2007 Interview with Don La Fontaine and the Professionals Panel from VOICE 2008) plus some special discounts you might be interested in checking out. All this - just for you - my positive thinkers family! I hope you will enjoy them.

    I'm also working on putting together a book of some of the more poignant and inspirational posts made by you over the last year and plan to have that ready before we reach 500 members - and that WON'T BE LONG - so I have to hurry!

    Big Hugs,

  • Perception, the act in how the world interprets all that is in, around and of it. We, as voice actors, have one of the greatest gifts- the power to move that perception using our voice to tickle the eardrum and paint those perceptions in an artistic mental picture.
    As you go through the day, remember what great gift you have and how awesome it is to be able to give it!
  • One of my favorite buddies passed on an e-mail to me yesterday that ended with this, "Who you are makes a difference, and I wanted you to know that. I'm passing the blue ribbon to you. Have an awesome day and know that someone has thought about you today!"

    It made my day.

    It's also kismet, because he'sthe first professional voice-over artist I ever knew, and the reason I took the class I did from Penny and Jim (even though it *was* years later!). And it came through a link online that I never expected.

    So, yep, you guessed it, I'm passing this onto everyone here, because you all make a difference, and I want you to know that!

    It's a joy to read this wall, even the things that don't seem to be what we want at the moment.

    Go, go, go gang! And thank you!

  • Thanks Penny, Adam and Ken for your kind words and encouragement....again one of the reasons why I love this VU family!
  • Adam,

    You're right! Bob's show is amazing! I've seen it twice and laughed equally as hard both times!

    Keep working on those imitations, kiddo - they'll come in handy


  • For those of us who know Mike DeJesus well (and Jim and I do) we KNOW that he will land on his feet and be even more successful because of this career change. He is a fantastic person and very talented performer with LOTS of energy and drive!

    You're always welcome here, dear man - demo production or not. Would love to see you on the West Coast!

    And Ken - although I don't know you well, I have no doubt that because of your positive attitude you too will see great success! Your postings here have always been upbeat and your desire to share with and help others will only take you upward in this life!

    Big hugs to you both

  • Mike, I understand your pain. I've been laid off since Nov waiting on paperwork from uncle sam, but i kee my chin up that it will get cleared up. :)

    I'm sure you check all access, there have been a few things popping up there. Congrats on serving again. I'm former Army and was working with the reserve handling tuition assistance at Ft. Bragg, recording training audio for Civil Affairs in my spare time. Doors always open, if not a door, a window.

    Welcome Jeff, thank you for taking us to the next milestone!
  • Hey Jeff welcome...I hear ya on the demos ...I thought the same way about myself. I'm in the process of producing better stuff too. So don't sweat it man! Mine may not be "all that" but they represent me...either way...welcome and good luck to you...in other news, to the rest of the Positive Peeps...I lost my job last Friday after 12 years of instudio-production and on - air....I know of other people in the biz who have been let go after longer periods of time...but 12 years is a good chunk of time for me doing something that I really loved,however
    being the optimist that I am...I'm not gonna let that stop me...I'm not a person who gives up, and most importantly...I like earning a paycheck! One door closes another one opens right?...so I may take part of my severance and head out to San Diego and get a demo produced! (wink wink Penny and Jim) eitherway I also will be sworn back in to serve my country (again) Go Air Force! So that, on top of the great local support that I get, along with you peeps here at VU... I'm feeling rather "Rocky-esque"!!!
  • That's a lot of positive people. With what I see in the world, I think we may have just cornered the market.
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