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  • Thanks Penny for the food for thought. I just wrote that one down for keeps.
    I love everyones great comments.
    I do not have much family support in my dreams but I have an internal drive that keeps me going to take one step at a time toward my goal.
    My problem is that I want it now. It is hard to make a plan and go slowly. I have been raising children for the past 11 years and have this abundance of energy to channel into my career. I need to pull the reins back and not rush to quickly and fail. This is my fear.
  • I'm so proud of you, Adam! Got for you for going for it anyway - despite the fear. Being able to do that will take you far in this big world!

    Big hugs,

  • Lovely thoughts, Nancy - thank you. Your bright spirit will light up us all!


  • Food 4 Thought

    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."
    ~Chinese Proverb

    True...but that pesky first step can be a killer, can't it!

    I love Will Rogers' quote, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

    So many times we have great intentions. We're going to read a good book, write out our 5-year life plan, take a new VO class, lose weight. But for some reason, we can't quite get around to taking that first step.

    We're all guilty of procrastinating. But here's the thing. Procrastinating when something is important, when it's something you know you should do, can drain your energy and you won't even know it's happening.

    "Procrastination is attitude's natural assassin. There's nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task."

    This quote by William James is worth its weight in gold. There are times when I have difficulty setting aside blocks of time to read. I know I should be doing it. In fact, I even love doing it (once I get started), but...here we go...back to that pesky first step.

    One of my biggest procrastinations is going out for my morning walk. I know I will feel wonderful if I do it, but there are days I seriously don't want to drag my #@%& out of bed! If I don't go, then I spend the rest of the day beating myself up because I didn't. Talk about counter-productive behavior!!

    Here's my favorite little quote about procrastination;

    Procrastination is a crime
    Which only leads to sorrow.

    I can stop at any time
    I think I will. . .


    Tell you what, folks. I'll make a point of doing it TODAY, if you will! Are you up to the challenge?

    Big hugs,

  • Hey Jody, So glad you're back cuz I think you're awesome and you truly do light up a room...and a mic! Maybe we'll see you at Fourth (formerly Third) Thursday. Hugs, Martha
  • 2009 is my year of F*I*R*S*T*S! On March 12th, I performed in my 1st public singing recital, and lived to tell the tale! On March 13-15, I took my 1st v.o. class with James and Penny. I've just signed up for my 1st improv class. I'm positive these actions will improve my acting for v.o.
  • Poem about perseverance.

    "Hit me, kick me, throw me on the ground,
    Burn my house, lock me up. Things will turn around.
    Drag my name through the gutter, kick me out of town.
    I'll get back up. You won't keep me down.

    Bills piled sky high on our friend named Bob.
    Kids got sick, wife got worse. Next, his house got robbed.
    "No, I won't be a quitter, just lay here and sob.
    Family needs me.' Found an extra job.

    Prom date raped her, left her in the cold.
    Pregnancy soon arrived, prom date got more bold.
    'You'll have an abortion. Do just as you're told.'
    Instead she jailed him. No chance of parole.

    Hit me, kick me, throw me on the ground,
    Burn my house, lock me up. Things will turn around.
    Drag my name through the gutter, kick me out of town.
    I'll get back up. You won't keep me down."
  • Any loss is difficult, whether you are particularly close or not, the loss of your Mother is a profound one. No words can ease the pain and as Jack Johnson says, "...sometimes, time don't heal...no, not at all...", however, it will get easier. That being said, it's easy to say. Four months is understandable Jody, it may be four months or more longer...just keep your head up and remember, grief is for those left behind. Those who have passed are in a better place and doing quite well. My deepest sympathies and condolences are with you in your time of sadness...asked for or not. The world welcomes you back Jody.
  • I'm so glad you're back, Jody! We've missed you!

    For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jody, he really does have a positive attitude that will light up a room. It's amazing to watch! I've never met anyone quite like him in that regard. He always has a smile and he's always willing to work hard. He's definitely one of my very favorite people.

    Give me a call sometime, Jody - I'd love the chance to catch up and also to help you get back on track.


  • Hi Jody,
    Sorry about your loss. I agree with Adam that funks are "normal". You have a reason for a funk. I like to think of them as a kind of hibernation or time of reflection. I think good stuff can come out of these places. Just give yourself permission to be in the state you are in. WE are human after all. This to shall pass and you will come back with renewed spirit and strength.
    Hang in there.
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