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  • What wonderful posts everyone! I love you guys!


  • Hi Penny & everyone...
    I've always liked the theory of Maya... illusion. Don't you feel that the negative stories in the press are simply adding to that weight Maya puts on our shoulders? Sure you do and that's why you want that vacation.
    I'm convinced that the Universe made us perfect, you're a perfect you and I'm a perfect me, and the illusion of lack can only be overcome by taking that vacation in your mind where you touch base with reality. The Universe of Love and Creation.
    When you return from your mind-holiday you can look at the Maya and think, "This too shall pass."
    Peace... Paul
  • Mike....LOVED the quote, and ironically, could easily be our T-Shirt slogan! As for the escape from news; I used to listen and watch the daily news during my gym workout, but now I listen to all the great mp3's from my CD ROM of VOICE 2008 ! Wow, what a noticeable difference!! Also, I am constantly hearing things I somehow missed in the mix. We will still get our share of reality and news just by existing, so we are not missing anything. Make it a great day!
  • I agree with the need to take a vacation from the constant deluge of bad news.

    I recently posted a poem about escape.

    Here's a quick excerpt.

    "Here you'll be anyone you're not.
    Here you'll know anyone you won't.
    Here you'll touch anything you can't.
    Here you'll see everything you don't.
  • Thanks for the group! About breaking from the media, one thing that may be interesting to note is that Scientologists (not one, but find some of their success stories impressive) do stress the avoidance of watching news programs on TV. Especially oversensationalized negative ones. Often better to keep your mind on your work at hand. This idea is hinted at within many traditions. Good to be informed, but not "brainwashed", as it were. Here's a related study about a proposed correlation between watching TV and classifying yourself as happy: http://bit.ly/I6xb
    But I'll do the VOs!
  • Totally agree with the break from media suggestion. I do not watch tv much at all and when I do it does seem to drag you down or make me angry. I think doing things that build us up and not tear us down can make our life more positive. For me having a pack of dogs help me connect with the world by being in nature. It is where the quiet is and there many voices can be heard.
  • If your vacation helps but you still need a lift, remember.... the quickest way to feel better is to help someone else.
  • I have a question for you. . .

    How many of you are you ready for a vacation?

    Wow! That many!

    Me too. Everyone wants to get away sometimes and just sit on a beach somewhere – tropical drink in hand, enjoying the sunshine, leaving the stress of everyday life behind for a while.

    But the reality is we can’t all go on vacation – at least to that beach.

    Here’s my suggestion for a way to get away without leaving home.

    If you watched the news this morning or listened to the radio or read a newspaper. . . tell me, was there any GOOD news? Or was there just one story after another, after another about the plummeting stock market, the progressively sick economy, the unemployment rate, increasingly horrible crimes and yet another politician being caught with his hands in the cookie jar?

    It seems to me it’s that way every single day! So, I have decided to take a “Media Vacation” just for the next couple of weeks. I don’t watch or listen to the news, I don’t read the paper and I rarely discuss what’s happening in the world with others.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that we all stick our heads in the sand and pretend the world doesn’t have some serious problems. Because it certainly does. I’m only suggesting a personal vacation away from the stress of hearing about it from every direction 24/7/365.

    I’ve tried it before and have found I’m not really missing out on anything. If there is something really important I need to know about, I’ll hear about it. But not hearing about all the miscellaneous drama and pain in the world every day, has given me a lot of peace.

    If you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by events over which you have very little control – I suggest a short vacation. I think you’ll find it quite refreshing!

    Have a great weekend!


  • I love your story and your positive energy. The world needs more Penny's!!!!
  • "Lifes an Eskimo Pie lets take a bite" - Joe Piscopo - SNL
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