A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Hello everyone.....I wish I had time to participate more in the tremendous discussions and positive thoughts.

    My dearest Promised mom (Penny) this is a terrific group that only you could head. Great work putting together a group that shows the true extent to the voice community; caring, supportive and a ton of fun.

    So great to hear all the nice things said...if only all of life were as positive as this.

    My support and love
    All my best
    Deb Munro
  • My sister once gave me a keychain that said "I am in a world of my own, but that's ok, everyone there knows me"
    I feel the VO community are like minded and I look forward to knowing you all.
    Barb M. (crappy initials I know, not much better, they used to be B.S.)
  • Congrats Asante! Keep on rockin!

  • Thanks Penny. I truly apreciate your positive energy. I know, I know, trite for a group called Positive Thinkers Unite but true nonetheless...
  • RD, Nicely put. I am trying to do the same!

  • Congrats, Asante! The webisodes sound GREAT! Way to go!!


  • So slowly but surely I seem to be headed towards king of the "Webisodes". My latest foray into this world finds me landing on TheWB.com for their latest Web Series, "Pushed".

    The series follows the exploits of Kurt and London. Kurt is married to London, a high end fashion model who just so happens to be coming into a substantial trust very soon. Did I say substantial? I meant ridiculous-- Like 80 million dollars, ridiculous. If Kurt stands any chance of getting his hands on that $$$ he's gonna need a high priced, slick, stunningly handsome attorney.

    Meet Jimmy Klein (yours truly). The series is actually about 30 episodes long. I first appear in episode 7, "It's All Noise". Each episode is only about 2 or 3 minutes long so feel free to kill a few minutes to watch the entire series. After all, life isn't ALL about me... just mostly...

    Because the episodes are so brief, TheWB.com is releasing as many as 9 episodes at once. I honestly don't know the release schedule. They may release 10 a week for three weeks until the entire series is posted or they may release the entire series within one week. I'm afraid I'm somewhat out of the loop on that one.

    In any event be sure to tune in and enjoy this latest turn on a web series. I appear in three of the webisodes. I honestly don't recall which other two but hey, at least once again, I'M NOT A COP!!! YAAAYY!!
  • I just booked and recorded 8 National Radio Spots for a Boost Mobile Campaign titled "Unwronged". I'm the announcer for the campaign. The spots will run for the next year. Very great and exciting start for 2009.
  • Nicccccccccccccce, Lee- love it!

    Pass...on the fear! Brilliant!

    Have a wonderful day!


  • I believe we most often defer on the choices that tug at our hearts due to fear.
    I love quotes...collect them and ponder them. One of my favorites is from Picasso:

    "I am always doing that which I can not do in order that I might learn to do it"

    There are many elements that went in to making Picasso a great artist but this, above all, made Picasso...Picasso.

    Pass... on the fear.

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