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  • Helly every one :)
  • When I was in the Navy, we went to Thailand and pulled into Sattahip which is about an hour from Patia Beach which was where we were staying. We took a bus and they were serving beer so about half way to Patia Beach, my friend Randy and I got off the bus to answer nature.
    We were waiting for the next bus to come along and started talking to this farmer who was fishing in a river. In his broken English he asked us to dinner at his farm house. He made a big deal of showing us his Water Buffalo and his one bottom plow, both of which he was very proud of. We came to the realization that when you take away the politics and religion, people are just people trying to take care of themselves and those they love.
    We had a nice dinner and then rode to Patia in the back of a pickup truck with Chickens and a hog with the farmers friend. Great life experience.
  • Michael, give me call and I'll give you the link to the recording of the teleconference. 858-484-0220. That goes for anyone in the group.


  • If I wasnt working I would have loved to attend, Glad it was good!! Can't wait for the next one.

  • Good Morning All,

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Penny and James for the teleconference last night. It was worth far more than the time to listen, that's for sure. You did a great job and hope you will do more in the future. Every little nugget folks like you throw out there takes each of us a little closer to becoming the professionals we are striving to be.

    Thanks again ..... have a blessed day,

    Ran Alan Ricard
  • If you like that you will most likely love this.
    It's a short piece of theater being done in many churches
  • Excellent!!
  • Very Touching!

  • Saw this not too long ago. Great reminder of the power of music. Thanks for bringing it to our attention again!
  • ^-^ Thank you very much for the group invatation
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