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  • Well put my fellow countryman...well put!

    thanks dude!
  • WOW Great work Mike! You gave it your best and you know what, that is all that matters. Some will love your best, others will not, that is just the nature of being Human, but never let it get you down, and remember, YOU are the only one in the end that needs to be happy with what you did, and that is all you can control in this work.

    Everything else is out of your control.

    I just wish I could sing, play guitar and memorize music. . :-P

    But I love what I can do and that is all that matters to me. :-D
  • Thanks Penny - you're absolutely right! Sometimes the dream sounds real good inside your head, and then the reality of it just isn't as satisfying as expected. Like I said below, I am thrilled to be involved in the voiceover world. There are times at sessions now where I catch myself and think 'holy crap - I'm actually doing this'...what an awesome feeling. Besides - there are so many avenues within VO that I want to explore (i.e. animation, adr, etc) that I don't even waste a thought of being in front of a camera. But at least now, I can say that if the opportunities arise, I'll feel a lot less self conscious and ready to take it on! Now if only I could translate this to my fear of spiders....some mountains were not meant to be climbed. LOL!

  • Ah, Mike! I am so tickled for you! And WAY TO GO!!!!!

    Funny isn't it, that sometimes when we make the journey we thought we wanted and we get there - we find out it really wasn't want we wanted in the first place! Life is funny that way.

    I had a similar experience back in Denver many years ago when I thought I really wanted to be a print model. After getting my portfolio together and meeting with my first agency, I discovered it wasn't the dream I thought it would be. But the most important thing was that I TRIED - just like you did. Feels good doesn't it?

    Good for you! I'm so glad we could help you.


  • I know this post may stray from the Thanksgiving theme, but I just wanted to credit this group for something I did today. This morning I had my first 'on camera' audition in my career...I know to some that may sound like no big deal, but to me it's a major breakthrough. I grew up as 'that guy in school who everybody figured was most likely to be an actor when he grew up'. The only problem was that unbeknownst to the outside world, I was horribly self conscious about my appearance (think Proactiv testimonial LOL!). It became such a complex, that it kept me from pursuing my dream of doing TV and Film. So after a very short lived time at University, I fell into Radio Broadcasting - something that addressed the creative side of me, but without needing to be in front of a camera. I've had a wonderful career so far, and it led me into this new chapter of Voiceover Acting, which is EVERYTHING I've ever hoped it would be. But my agent sent thru an audition the other day that required not only an on-camera component, but one that required me to learn the client's comedy song, play it on guitar, sing and act it out (think Flight Of The Conchords)...So after reading alot of the inspirational stories on this board, as well talking with all the positive people on this site, I dove right in and took the audition. And while the audition was by no means a homerun (it wasn't horrible), it was a personal victory for me. Now I don't have any dreams of being on TV anymore, but at least now I can move forward in my career and open up this avenue which for so many years I figured was permanently 'closed for repairs'.

    Thanks to all - real glad I found this site!
  • Very fitting Thanksgiving discovery. I found out as my uncle did some geneology research, that we are descendants of the original Mayflower Passenger list. Was kinda cool to look at the connections and then read a little about the people that were actually related to me at that time in history. Now longevity wasn't very good back then and many were sick soon after arrival in Plymouth. But very neat to hear this on Thanksgiving day! So I figure if they can make it accross the Ocean to a new life! I can make this dream of Voice Over happen. Just need my first Job! I hope soon.

  • Howdy All,

    I am a two tour Viet Nam survivor. I am a 27 year police survivor. I fell over a thousand feet in a broken airplane ... broke my back and was told I would never walk again. I not only walk, I can still throw my leg over the saddle of my 'iron horse' and cruise.

    Thankful ...for every breath my Creator gives me. For every morning that I can get out of bed. For the slightest touch of my beautiful bride's (of 25 years) hand. For the sweet smile of any of my granddaughters. For the sound of my Yorkies as they interrupt nearly every recording session I plan.

    Thankful to everyone who serves, has served and who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom and for those who love, loved and supported them while they served ... my heroes, every one.

    Thankful to be in the company of such ......

    ... as YOU!

    May you all embrace the truth that the greatest blessing we can enjoy this Thanksgiving ........... is each other.

    Ran Alan Ricard
  • Well being Canadian, we committed our thankfulness last month . . But hey I will pas on what I have been thankful for in 2008

    First and foremost, I am SO thankful for all the friends I have that have supported me in my dream to pursue more and more voice work. They were there for the good and especially the bad, so my gratitude for them knows no bounds!

    And Second, I am thankful to be living in a country that also allows me to pursue whatever my dreams are, but also bands together and helps each other when things get rough, like in today's Financial environment.

    So to all my Positive American Thinking Friends out there, to quote Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight "Things are always darkest right before the dawn"

    Have a great Holiday weekend! You all deserve it after the last 5 months.


  • Ah, it’s Thanksgiving time in the U.S. It’s the time we reflect on the blessings in our lives and show thanks for them. We all have SO many things to be grateful for.

    With that in mind, this Food 4 Thought is a request from your trusty group leader.

    Will you please take a moment and share with us just one or two things that you will show your gratitude for on this special day? And for those of you who are not in the U.S. and don’t celebrate our Thanksgiving – please share your thankfulness with us anyway. We’d love to hear from you too.

    I’ll go first.

    1. I am thankful I live in a country that allows me to pursue whatever career I choose. Even though we are going through hard economic times right now, I still wouldn’t trade my homeland for any other.

    2. I am also especially thankful for this community of voice actors, for your big hearts, and for the help and encouragement you share with me and all the members of our family.

    Now it’s your turn. What are you thankful for today?

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  • Hi Ran,

    Actually there are several things I can recommend.

    1) Oasis Mouth Wash (or spray). It's different from most mouthwashes because it contains humectants that actually coat the throat and the inside of your mouth. If dry mouth (and it's attached mouth noise) is also a problem for you - you will LOVE this one. It's available at any drugstore.

    2) Eat a green apple. Not red, has to be green. The pectin in the green apple helps to cut phlegm.

    3) Entertainer's Secret Spray or Thayers Throat Spray - Both are available on the Internet. They are handy to carry with you when you're out on sessions, or to use at your home studio.

    4) This one may not help with phlegm, but it does work on a tired or scratchy voice.
    Olive Oli. That's right! Opera singers have used this trick for years. Just swish a little around in your mouth and swallow. But be aware you may start craving Italian food!

    Hope one of those works for ya!


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