A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • A positive attitude really pays off!

    I recently shared this story with Rodney Saulsberry because to me his is the best example I know of how a positive attitude can help you succeed in life. But, I thought the story was appropriate for this group as well.

    Recently I attended a VO Marketing workshop at Nakamoto Productions here in Sacramento where I volunteer my time when I can and am the Coordinator of the Reading Buddy List/Nite. The speaker at the workshop was another local VO Artist named Cammie Winston who owns a Production house here in Sacramento and who holds workshops of her own. During the class, I explained a recent well paying gig I booked for a Political spot and explained how having a positive attitude allowed me to confidently "Step Up to the Mic" and give the client what they were looking for. The client was so happy with my performance that they called me back for a second session 2 weeks later. Based on this story of the power of a positive attitude and my conversation with Cammie after the workshop, she asked if I would talk with the students in her own workshops to pass on some of this positive energy. She said there were students in her class that were feeling down because of their lack of booking and Cammie felt that my positive experience may have a positive impact on her students. Of course I agreed and felt it to be a great opportunity for me to meet other local VO folks to increase my contact list. The funny thing was, after she sent out an email announcing that I would be there to speak to her students, she instantly had 4 people call her to sign-up for the workshop. This completely surprised me since I was in the same boat that they were just a few months back. But, once I decided that focusing on the positive and not the negative, good things started to happen in my life. None of this would have been possible if I had never heard Rodeny Saulsberry's panel on the VOICE2007 DVD or if I had never read his books or never attended his workshops. Whenever I meet someone that is a bit down about where they are in their own VO adventures or just down on life, I always point them to Rodney's book "Step Up to the Mic" and his recordings. If these could have a positive impact on my life, they are bound to have the same results in the life of just about anyone else. And, considering the situation in the economy, there is no better time where this positive feeding of the mind would have the biggest impact.

    Take care and stay positive,

  • Thanks John, good ideas. I love networking, you meet a lot of good people that way who you have a lot in common with because you are all in the same industry.
  • Kevin -- Awesome story. It really shows how important it is to have a positive attitude. I'm sure the folks you worked with will remember this and will be calling you back soon.

    Tina - For me, I just search the internet and look at the sites for local agencies to see if anything pops up. Also, I networking with everyone in VO I can locally and else where. Attending as many VO related functions in my area has been a big plus. And, if you are listed on one or many of the Pay to Play sites, check out what others are doing and keep changing your site to see what works. This has seemed to work to some extent for me. And, the most important thing is, Keep a Positive Attitude. Good luck.
  • Kevin, that's amazing that you traveled that distance. That's a ong way. Anyway, my question is, and myabe some of you have ideas, when you are marketing yourself, how do you keep finding leads? I run out of ideas. I love this business, but at times, I am at a loss on who to call about gigs.
  • Adding to our great group!

    I traveled about 5 hours round trip yesterday for an approximate 40 Min. session and on my way there questioned if it was really worth it, stupid huh? After getting lost twice and a few outbursts later I arrived and tried to poise myself for the gig.

    Once I got in the booth and started interacting with the production team my frustration melted away and we knocked out the 2:00 piece quickly with alot of different ideas for them to work with.

    My point is, that once I saw the smiles on their face when we were done I realized that YES. It is all worth it, and driving home that 2 1/2 hours I had a grin from ear to ear! Keep it up gang and always remember how lucky we are, just like Dave pointed out.
  • Cool group, Penny ;7)
  • Dave - sooooooo true! Loved the "need the wood" line! Thanks for reminding me how blessed my life really is!
  • Nice reminder Dave, thanks!
  • Oh, Dave! You're great. Your post made me laugh out loud - and that always makes my day! You're right, that Gratitude Hammer does have a great sense of smell.

    Thanks for making me smile - as well as helping me realize just how good I DO have it!



    p.s. I work in my jammies too - and my bunny slippers! Ain't it great?
  • Hi Penny and All --

    I was on a long, hard bike ride yesterday morning at about 11am, thinking, fretting about ways my life isn't perfect ...when The Gratitude Hammer descended upon my head. It's sneaky, I've found. And it has a great sense of smell: whenever I think my life isn't absolutely amazing it sniffs out the scent of self-pity, swoops down and gives me a solid bonk on the noggin. Here's what it says:

    "DUDE! Snap out of it! Get a grip! Wake up! Come down off the cross, Dave, we need the wood!

    Let's take a look: you work half the time (or less) of anyone you know, you take bike rides in the middle of the day, you haven't set your bedside alarm in 3 years, clients are calling YOU, ...and ...I'm sorry, what was that? A COMPLAINT??? As your mom used to say, "Stifle!!" Stop what you are doing, look up at the sky and be GRATEFUL! What you have is rare. Many, many people (including a good chunk of folks on this site) would give up things very precious to them to be in your shoes. Look around you, at your studio, your home, your freedom of time, your lack of anything in your life remotely resembling 'Office Space', c'mon, YOU WORK IN YER FRICKIN JAMMIES, DUDE!"

    And then The Gratitude Hammer gave me a whack upside my head I won't soon forget. And i am reminded how good I have it. And how lucky I am. And I wish it for everyone reading this: a full and rich life of choice.
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