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  • ...just a thought about dealing with doubt...

    "When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap." - Cynthia Heimel
  • Welcome Nancy! It's great to have you with us!


  • Hi Penny, Thanks for having me in your group! I think voice talents should collaborate in making this industry better! Always been a fan of yours! Cheers! - brian
  • Hi Penny: How great is that?! We adults forget about the fun we had as kids just pretending - not to mention the wonderful bond you have created with your grandaughter. You sound like a fun person, Penny. Carol
  • Great story Penny!
    One of the reasons I chose this profession is my need to hold onto that childhood passion of pretending. I love that I get to be that little girl once again who could shed her skin and walk in another's moccasins...or space boots! And now that my son does V.O., I get to play on a daily basis because we now have a daily ritual of making the things around us come to life, and we love it! It adds a little something special to our days and we are always guaranteed at least one smile a day and usually some giggles to follow. Enjoy the blessing of having an imaginative granddaughter.
  • ...and a very wise man once said that we have to be like a child to enter in...

    I guess it's time to play!!!! : )

    And now this...

    "The barriers are not erected that can say to aspiring talents and industry, "This far and no farther.""
    -- Ludwig van Beethoven

    Isn't it amazing that kids (especially the young ones) have no barriers? Hmmmmmmm
  • Hi Sharon

    I know what you mean about "working vacations." After working for so long on VOICE 2008, I decided THIS vacation would include no work at all. It's been terrific! I will go back to work next week refreshed and with wonderful memories of my time with Danara and Lilly.

    Next time for sure, grandma!


  • Thanks, Penny! So great to hear your story. I just returned from Orange County where I visited my almost 3-year old grandson and 5-year old granddaughter. Unfortunately, I was teaching an acting workshop the entire time I was "visiting" and did not have a whole lot of time to "play!" I told my daugher, through my tears, as I left, that this was the LAST time I would do a working visit with my beautiful grandbabies. Next time I go - VERY soon, I hope - I will think of you and your fabulous playtime, I won't let anything get in my way! Thanks for the positive inspiration.
  • That's a great story about your grandbaby, Penny! It's true, kids can make a game of anything. I sometimes sit in a cafe and watch them, a street pole becomes a toy, a fire hydrant...anything. If you take a walk with a small child, it takes forever because everything is interesting and warrants inspection. But it's fun.

    Yes, we have to keep in touch with our inner kiddie. I think I'm rather good at that actually! :D ha, ha!
  • Penny

    What a great story - and what a great reminder of what we can do - and how much fun we can have - when we get out of our way.

    Ever since I started performing as a magician (too many years ago to mention), I've felt that part of my purpose in life is to over-state the obvious by looking at life from a slightly different point of view. OK, sure... the result is often a really "bad" pun or a dumb joke, but its always a reflection of my sometimes slightly warped sense of humor. And, the vast majority of the time, my unique perspective tends to remind those around me that things aren't really as bad as they might seem.

    For longer than I can remember, I've considered the work I do as "getting paid to play." I also recall two life-changing moments when I made a conscious decision that the time when what I was doing was no longer fun, it was time to change what I was doing. (But that's another post for another time.)

    Looking at life in a way that's different from the way those around you look at it, is the essence of play - and I encourage you to try it. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to allow ourselves to live in this state of mind even for a short time. Society, our culture, and the business world generally discourage this state of mind as being unproductive, "silly," or worse... not "normal." But I contend that when you allow yourself to get out of your way and play - even if only for a moment, not only is life more fun, but it's also more productive. After all... when you play, anything is possible.

    The next time you're out for a walk, or shopping, or even at work (if you're really daring!), try looking at the things you see and do from a different angle. Allow your creativity to shine through. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

    When you truly realize the impact that a positive attitude and regular play can have on your work - and your life in general - you may find yourself planning one of those trips to the stars. And if you're lucky, you might even have Penny as your Captain and Danara as her co-pilot.

    Now, go play!

    James R. Alburger
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