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  • You know, Philip - you can have REAL hugs if make it to VOICE 2008......just a thought. If not, I'll keep sending you the virtual kind.

    Keep Smilin' Friend - and keep sending hugs my way, too!


  • Hi Philip,
    Good to see you again. I had a similar situation happen. Years ago when I created my very first demo. I was told that I had been hired to create a 1 minute children's book read for a publishing company's website. We worked out a price.......and then the client vanished.....didn't return my emails....didn't return my phone calls. She just blew me off. I spent a whole day feeling let down. What a waste of time....I should have only spent an hour. Then I CHOSE to make my 10 positive thoughts list. I listed some of my great theater, film and TV credits. I listed the people that love and care about me. I listed that fact that I was new at marketing myself in voice over and there were things I hadn't tried yet that might garner me success. Such as joining an internet audition site. I CHOSE to have faith that this was just a small bumb in the road.............I'm so happy I did not let it get me down that long. I'm not going to play that bunny rabbit in that particular children's book.....but I am playing Sebastian the Singing Slug in a book, commercial, and cartoon!!! My character is also a toy and a body pillow. God.....the universe....brought me what I wanted in the end and even more. Believe and be patient that is what you should suggest to your friend!

    Deby Cedars
    (203) 735-1235
  • Beautifully said, Philip,

    I agree that avoiding the reality of a situation is unhealthy – especially when it’s a painful event. Denial is generally counterproductive. However, I believe the true positive thinker makes the conscious choice to feel the pain and then move forward. We all have times in our lives we thought we’d never “get over.” The reality is that we never “get over” (or forget) some things and the pain associated with them. How could one ever completely erase the memory of the death of a loved one, for example? But even in this situation, a person has a choice. Either this loss will affect every moment of their futures in a negative way or they can accept the loss, grieve and move forward to enjoy the time they have left –being grateful for the time they had with that loved one. Trying not to remember the person you’ve lost will only prolong the process of moving on.

    Another example would be a grave illness. How many wonderful stories are there out there of women and men who have received devastating news who have chosen to fight with all their might and to help others who are faced with a similar life-changing event? How do they get past a potential death sentence in order to comfort others? I believe it is a choice they make. There are many other examples - being fired from a job, being involved in a bad accident, having made a really bad decision ---- all things we are faced with daily.

    It’s funny you chose the word Pollyanna, since I have been called that so many times in my life. I believe a true Pollyanna is much like an ostrich – just burying her head in the sand so she doesn’t have to feel or deal with anything. Because I am a very positive person (which is my choice), many out there think I have never had (or currently have) problems or pain in my life. Without going into detail, I can assure you all this isn’t the case. But I have made the conscious choice to view this ”glass” called life, as half FULL instead of half EMPTY. When I realized I actually had that power ----- what a life changing discovery it was for me! When I am faced with pain, controversy, or what appears to be an impossible challenge, I will definitely feel it – and almost always share it with my husband or a close friend.

    Then I will choose not to dwell in that place, and I will move forward - memories and all.

    Hugs to you,

  • "No matter how good or how right you are, the reality is that
    some people don't want to see you shine. Once you have a deeper sense of self-esteem, self- worth and purpose, it can intimidate others" - Lee Fuller

    If there's anything that should be taken from this group of Positive Thinkers, remember this FOREVER: Mediocrity ALWAYS attacks Excellence; so keep on keepin on and get down with the get down!

    Peace and Positivity to you all. Have a beautiful weekend.
  • Here's another great quote sent to me by Lee Fuller:

    "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anaïs Nin

    Thanks, Lee!
  • "If we fill our hours with regrets of YESTERDAY and with the worries of TOMORROW, we have no TODAY in which to be thankful!"

    I am so thankful for all of you - TODAY!!!!

    Yes, Dan will be at VOICE! I KNOW IT!!
  • I agree with B.Z. Sometimes when we get caught up in the "But how do I..." syndrome, we tend to build the old brick wall...and we should strike the word can't from our vocabulary. Everything comes down to 2 simple emotions...FEAR and LOVE. Figure out what it is that motivates your actions and you may learn something...and Dan will be at Voice 2008
  • Ooh, I LOVE that, B.Z,!!!

    Focus on the "What." Ignore the "How."


  • It doesn't take sight to reach the top. It takes vision. Focus on the "WHAT". Ignore the "HOW".
  • OK everyone. Here's the message to the universe to send out for Dan. Dan NEEDS to be at VOICE 2008 and
    Dan WILL be at VOICE 2008.
    Believe it when you say it, think wonderful positive thoughts, send the message to the universe and by golly - we'll get him there!

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