A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is ready for listening - just in time for Thanksgiving!

    "10 Ways To Become More Grateful"

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure AND sharing.

    Great ideas for beating the negativity you may experience!

    "My Favorite Trick to Beat Negativity."

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is ready! Enjoy and please feel free to share with your friends! "How To Be Grateful Even When You're a Hot Mess!"

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is ready for listening and it's a goodie - for both the ladies AND the men. "How Embracing Womanhood Helps Me In a Man's World." Enjoy!

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is a goodie! 

    People Who Talk To Themselves Aren't Crazy! They're Actually Geniuses!

    "If I were my peach smoothie body butter, where would I be?" I say to no one while I search for my favorite lotion. Then: "Aha! There you are! You rolled under my bed!"

    I talk to myself a lot. It helps me materialize things I'm thinking about. It also makes me look quite ...

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is "The Miraculous Mechanics of Manifestation," by Mike Dooley.

    It's good one - take a few minutes to listen.

    Your thoughts have an energy and a life force all their own. They move around the props, players and circumstances of your life as if they were puppets on strings, predisposing life's so-called accidents, coindicences and serendipities. These will lead you into a world that...

  • This week's installment of Positive Thoughts is"The Morning Routine That Help Me Discover My Purpose," by Stephanie Halligan.

    "Ask all of my family and friends what I was born to do, and it's virtually unanimous: I was meant to draw. Since I could walk, I've been a cartoonist. It's my gift, and..."

  • This week's Positive Thoughts Podcast is a good one...

    "Competition: The Myth of Winning and Losing," by Tracy Farguhar

    I hope you enjoy it.



  • I do not know how to send you to that video. I posted it on my Facebook page with the caption "Tyrese Gibson's video edited clean. God's test will become your testimony. God has a plan."

    I have been listening to a bunch of webinars this week too, so all in combination and it clicked.

  • I just cleaned up this video on Facebook.  Now safe for children's ears. God's test will become your testimony. You know Penny I think it clicked today with me about the way I can help others. Thanks for these messages.

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