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  • I'm out of the organizing business ;)
  • I guess I should also......I apologize for messing that up.....I was really looking forward to meeting everyone. Any chance I can get invited to the next one?
  • Hmm, I thought it WAS agreed upon, when after I suggested the time you and Tamara both said it worked for you, and then when you mentioned confirmation I said "Yep, I'm assuming at least three of us will be there," and that I was looking forward to it. I was actually sitting at the coffee shop waiting while you wrote that message. Funny, the only one who didn't say that it worked for her for sure was Ann, and she's the only one who showed! LOL. I guess I should be more careful about making assumptions.
  • No.....I did not go because there was never an agreed upon time. I saw your suggestion of 10:30 but we never confirmed that among us. Did anyone else show up?
  • I didn't understand your message, Martin... Are you saying you went to the coffee shop?
  • I was there...
  • Well....here it is Saturday morning. I thought we were going to meet for coffee.
  • It seems as if it has been forever in the making......it's great that it will actually happen.
  • Yep, I'm assuming that at least three of us will be there! I'm really looking forward to this! :)
  • I know it's kinda early in the week but......Saturday Coffee at Paisley Violin? I'm ready to CONFIRM......anyone else ready to cement the meeting?
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