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  • It's doable for me right now. :) and Martin - you're very welcome. :)
  • Tamara....thanks for the 20th wishes. Next Saturday...early....works for me. Paisley Violin works for me. A buddy of mine raves about it, so this will be a great opportunity for me to finally see it.
  • And then there were four... Great! The Paisley Violin is a bit of a jog for me, but I'm happy to do it once, and when we're together we can figure out what might be best in the future. I'm more inclined to do Saturday so traffic won't be an issue. Next Saturday (4/3), 10:30 am coffee??
  • I'm up for it - but when?? :) There's some really great coffee shops that love us creative folks - Paisley Violin on Grand and 11th ave comes immediately to mind. happy 20th Martin! :)
  • Saturday is my 20th anniversary so that is OUT! Perhaps next week is better.
  • Okay! I'm actually free this Saturday afternoon if that works for anyone. If it's too soon, pick Tuesday or Thursday evening next week. I'm in Mesa. Ann, where are you? (Got your message by the way, thank you! SO glad you're feeling better!! :)
  • I'm down!
  • Hi, I'm here and alive. Do you still want to hook up? Promise to check more, girl scouts honor. I am only good to hook up on Tues, Thurs. or Friday after 5:00p.m. I'm also good on the weekend most any time.
  • I am celebrating my new recording booth. Ok...it's new to me but.....new is new right?
  • That's cool, I want everyone who would like to be there to be included :)
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