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  • Tina....I guess it will be a couple of days till she checks her page again.
  • Great, weekdays are better for me too. Ann? Weekday/weekend? Part of town? Who else??
  • Weekday.......central Phoenix......ok that's the comment from THIS peanut gallery.
  • Hi Ann, yes I'll be there! Okay guys, let's start simple and meet at a coffee shop. If there are other suggestions I'm obviously open to them!
    Who needs a weekend rather than a weekday? What about Wednesday afternoon? Or does it need to be Saturday? Offer your best/worst time, or just say if one of these days works.
    Also - I'm in Mesa. Should we meet downtown Phoenix to be central? Mention what part of the valley you're in.
  • I'm not planning on it this year...perhaps next. But, I am definitely down for a meet and greet. I actually got an email a while back about a meet and greet that was scheduled but....lost the email. In any event....I think we should try and set up an informal something or other in the near future.
  • hey Martin and Tina- I'm up for it. lets get meet! Is anyone in our group going to V2010?
  • Tina.....perhaps we should put our heads together and set one up......I always say....take the bull by the horns.
  • I see networking has been mentioned - has anyone in this group met each other? We joined it because we are in the same area, who would be interested in gathering the group together for coffee or something, and see if we might be able to be of service or support to each other?
  • I am sooooo pleased to find this group. Being a voice actor in the Valley of the Sun it's nice to have a place to network with others in the area.

    Hope to hear from you all soon.
  • Hi, CJ Adams

    Thanks for creating this group, we are providing Chinese voice over services mainly to Euro and American market, been based in China, It's great to get in touch with global friends and clients .
    Meanwhile, sometimes, we work with talents speaking English and other languages, we will let you know once a project comes , the vise versa, you're always welcome to reach us by email or Skype, we will gladly to work with you providing our Native Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese services -don't forget we can work with Japanese and Korean projects as well!

    Thank you N' good day!

    Twitter: twitter.com/voiceoverschina
    Email: voices@voiceoverschina.com
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