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  • Hello folks. I have been away for a while but am coming back with a vengeance.  I hope all of you are well.  Let me know what's happening!

  • Hello VO Phoenix.  I live in Chandler, and looking for VO workshops and other ideas to find opportunities.  Please share your tips and ideas.  (previously posted)
  • Looking forward to bringing my one day event: "Pick Up Your Oscar: The Craft of Voice Over Acting" to Phoenix, August 14. For information or to Enroll, e-mail me at patfraleyteaches at aol dot com.
  • That's exactly what I mean.
  • By "winter" I assume you mean "the oppressive, face melting summer"? We should definitely meet. I'll message when the dust settles.
  • Sean.....congrats on the move. Sorry it had to be just as winter hits. But, if you're gonna jump in.....do it with both feet right?

    Once you're settled...perhaps we can schedule a group meetup for coffee some evening. I'm down.
    e evening.
  • Well guys, I'll be relocating from the East Coast to the Phoenix Metro area (Gilbert) by June 1. If anyone would like to meet and talk shop after then, just drop me a line!
  • Hi Arizona VO Artists
    I am a Spanish Voiceover living in el Paso Texas.
    but I want to visit some agencies and studios in Phoenix and Tucson.
    I want to make it more personal, deliver my demo and card in person
    by any chance do you know some studios or agencies where I should go??
    thanks for your time and answers
  • Hi Guys- this electronic communication can be tricky sometimes even when we have it all around. After all the organzing I nearly missed Tina all because I wrote her number on a yellow sticky and couldn't let her know I was running late...lol luckly I found it and she headed back to meet up.
    I loves me some coffee so just send a call out.
  • I guess perhaps I will have to spearhead the next one.
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