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  • Good lord this board has been quiet for a while.  I almost forgot it was here.
  • I would be interested in getting together.
  • In short, Yes.
  • I'm in!
  • I think that would be a fabulous idea for a get-together. Who's game?
  • A Puget Sound Regional voiceover artist Happy Hour and shoptalk? Good idea in theory.
  • Very cool, Joey :) Alright...how many of us are there in the Puget Sound Region? Anyone up for finding away to get together monthly?
  • Hey Kids-
    Last night during the NLCS (baseball) on Q13 Fox in Seattle I heard a NW Voice actor "Power Set" Dave Elvin on an Intel Spot- Dave White on a spot for "Low T" and myself on the Q13 Fox news promos- Yay NW VO's!
  • Bill, et el; Yes FaffCon was a good time and a good value. Surprised there weren't more from the NW that attended. We all do need to keep in touch from time to time because, as was discussed at least once, we all work from our own lil' studio and after a while we're likely to become loners (or Hobbits...whichever).
  • Oh do share :) Would love to hear a rundown of Faffcon from any/all who attended.
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