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  • After the mind-blowing experience of Faffcon, I guess we need to get back to networking and keeping in touch!

    Thanks for the reminder Mike: how's everyone doing out there in the Pacific NW?!?
  • Just checking to see if anyone's awake. Haven't received any new posts in my inbox in quite a while.
  • Kyrsten, Some of us would trade a little of your dry weather for a few of our never ending spring showers (;-). Welcome to the club house.
  • I'm on the dry side of the state (WA), but glad to connect with my NW compatriots.
  • I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I'll be at the Red Carpet reception on Wednesday evening.
  • See everyone at the VOICE 2010 Red Carpet Reception!!! NW Voice Actors Unite!

    (or is that Untie?)

  • Hi to all the other folks doing VO in the northwest!
  • I'm happy to speak via phone anytime. I have a part time job in Fremont, on north Lake Union, so could meet for coffee the morning of May 7 in the morning in that area.

    Kris K.
  • Are we talking the 6th or 7th, I won't be able to meet on the 7th unless it is in the morning. Hope we can make this happen. Even if it is just to talk on the phone, that is fine by me. My mom blessed me with a great phone plan.

  • I just had surgery at Virginia Mason, so I've been there alot lately. It would need to be late afternoon, around 4:30pm or a bit later.

    Kris K.
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